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Arrupe Fellowship

The Arrupe Fellowship offers undergraduates a formation experience rooted in the Ignatian Center’s mission of creating men and women for others. Fellows deepen their understanding of solidarity and vocation through community engagement with organizations in underserved communities and bi-weekly formation gatherings in community-based learning and Catholic Social Thought. Fellows lead peers in reflection exercises within an academic service-learning course and develop a final project in collaboration with a faculty mentor.  

Academics: You must be a currently enrolled student in good academic standing.

Experience: You must have completed the ELSJ (Experiential Learning through Social Justice) core requirement.

Supervision: As an Arrupe Fellow, you will report to the Program Director of the Arrupe Engagement Program, working in conjunction with select faculty and staff. 

Commitment: The term is for one full academic year.

Central to the Arrupe Fellowship are the relationships that Fellows develop with individuals and communities. It is through these relationships that Fellows begin to deepen their understanding of solidarity and vocation and work toward these learning objectives.
By the end of the fellowship, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the assets and challenges facing the community in which the Fellow works. 
  2. Demonstrate a broader and deepening understanding of personal vocation.
  3. Demonstrate a deepened faith and spiritual life.
  4. Grow in commitment to specific key virtues of solidarity, simplicity, and compassion/empathy.
  5. Articulate the meaning and intersections of service, authenticity, and humility.

The Arrupe Fellowship is a paid hourly position for the full academic year. The fellowship will entail a minimum of 4-6 hours per week, up to 60 hours total per quarter.

Arrupe Fellows 2021-22

2022 Arrupe Fellow Bates Detwiler 22
Detwiler '22

Environmental Studies Major

Arrupe Fellow Carolyn Valencia
Valencia '22

Finance & Political Science Major

Arrupe Fellow Celine Paulino
Paulino '22

Political Science & Communications Major

Arrupe Fellow Daniel Martinez
Martinez '24

Religious Studies & Economics Major

Arrupe Fellow Emma Somers
Somers '22

Political Science & Religious Studies Major

2022 Arrupe Fellow Gloria Karekezi '23
Karekezi '23

Public Health Science & Political Science Major

Arrupe Fellow Hannah Trillo '23
Trillo '23

Marketing Major

Arrupe Fellow Jackie Ramirez
Ramirez '22

Ethnic Studies & Spanish Studies Major

Arrupe Fellow Lauren Kelley
Kelley '24

Sociology Major

Arrupe Fellow Maria De La Lima
De La Lima '22

Accounting Major

Arrupe Fellow Sofia Molina-Perez
Molina-Perez '23

Communication Major

Grace Lin Cereghino '21  |  Italian Studies & Public Health Science

Katherine Kuwada '21  |  Child Studies & Psychology

Emma Somers '22  |  Religious Studies & Political Studies

Daniel Martinez '24  |  Religious Studies & Economics

Amber Wang '21  |  Accounting

Carolyn Valencia '22  |  Finance  & Political Science

Jackie Ramirez '22  |  Ethnic Studies & Spanish Studies

Grace Lin Cereghino '21  |  Italian Studies & Public Health Science

Katherine Kuwada '21  |  Child Studies & Psychology

Emma Somers '22  |  Religious Studies & Political Studies

Abby Fafinski '21  |  Communication & Psychology

Anthony Mejia '20  |  Philosophy

Rika Sarkar '21  |  Communication & Pschology

Akil Douglas '20  |  Communication