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Ignatian Fellowship

The Ignatian Fellowship offers SCU undergraduates the opportunity to deepen their commitment to social justice through an in-person community-based learning experience over the winter quarter. This Fellowship was created in 2020 and is inspired by the Jean Donovan Summer Fellowship which has been offered for over 20 years.

Ignatian Fellows will participate in a fall quarter formation experience followed by weekly in-person work (~5 hrs/week) with a non-profit organization for weeks 2-9 of the winter quarter. Concurrent with their service work, Fellows participate in a twice-monthly reflective discussion group and 1-1 meetings with the program director. Central to the Ignatian Fellowship are the learning objectives outlined below and the hope that Fellows offer meaningful support to community-based organizations. Fellows may apply to extend their placement into the spring quarter.

Ignatian Fellowship Learning Objectives 

Cultivate a greater understanding of the assets and challenges facing the community in which the Fellow works through accompaniment-based service.

Grow in commitment to specific key virtues of solidarity, compassion, and humility. 

Develop a broader and deeper understanding of personal vocation.

Develop a deepened spiritual life.

2023-24 Ignatian Fellowship Schedule & Expectations

  • Fall Quarter Formation: Thursdays 6:00-7:15 PM | November 9, 16, and 30 
  • Winter quarter in-person accompaniment-based work: 5 hours/8 weeks, starting the week of January 15, 2024 (Weeks 2-9 of winter quarter) with very limited options for hybrid or remote work 
  • Winter quarter reflection and formation group on the following Thursdays at 6:00-7:15 PM: 1/11, 1/25, 2/8, 2/29, 3/14 
  • Fellows will reflect upon and share their experiences through 4 blog/vlog posts and support with Ignatian Center donor stewardship events (these commitments will not exceed 10 hours)
  • Fellows will receive a $1,000 stipend ($500 paid by February 1 and $500 paid by March 1)

Please direct any questions to Valerie Sarma, Senior Program Director, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education - 

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” 

Words used by Lilla Watson,

Aboriginal elder, activist, and educator from Queensland, Australia.

2023-24 Ignatian Fellows

Suzan Amiri '24 | Philosophy Major | Project Anar

Zoe Barton '24 | Philosophy Major | Grail Family Services, Yes We Can...Read!

Maile Belnap '24 | Political Science Major | Asian Law Alliance

Mary Clare Broyles '26 | Computer Science & Engineering Major | Grail Family Services, Yes We Can...Read!

Josie Collier '24 | Political Science Major | Law Office of Kristin Love Boscia - Immigration Law

Quin Doughty '25 | Environmental Science Major | Garden to Table

Katie Duffy '24 | Economics & Political Science Major | Food Sovereignty SCU & La Mesa Verde

Grace Emmons '23 | Child Studies & Classical Studies Major | St. Leo the Great (Arrupe-Ignatian Fellow)

Lily Eribes '23 | Bioengineering Major | Grail Family Services, Yes We Can...Read!

Alice Fulton '25 | Psychology Major | College of Adaptive Arts(Arrupe-Ignatian Fellow) 

McKenzie Himes '23 | Neuroscience Major | Hearts & Minds Activity Center (Arrupe-Ignatian Fellow)

Graciella James '26 | Environmental Studies & Political Science Major | Grail Family Services, Yes We Can...Read!

Juliet Kulusic '23 | Theatre & Psychology Major | Hearts & Minds Activity Center (Arrupe-Ignatian Fellow)

Maritza Pinedo '25 | Political Science & Communication Major | Grail Family Services, Yes We Can...Read!

Gabrielle Pitre '26 | Political Science Major | Law Office of Kristin Love Boscia - Immigration Law

C.J. Purdy '23 | Communication Major | Grail Family Services, Yes We Can...Read!

Sophie Rotter-Aboyoun '23 | Psychology Major | Amigos de Guadalupe

Jugraj Singh '24 | Accounting Information Systems Major | Jakara Movement

Willa Weinsheimer '24 | Political Science Major | Elevate

Grace Yonkers-Talz '24 | Child Studies & Religious Studies Major | tUrn @ SCU

Zoe Barton '24 | Philosophy Major | Elevate Community Center

Sparsh Garg '25 | Computer Science & Business Major | Maitri

Eemon Ghasemiyeh '22 | Philosophy Major | tUrn @SCU

Petra Glenn '23 | Political Science & Economics Major | tUrn @ SCU

Amanda Harvey '22 | Environmenta Studies & Communication Major | tUrn@ SCU

Jules Holland '24 | Political Science & Environmental Studies Major | Bail Project

Zeeshan Javed '22 | Biology Major | Palo Alto VA Medical Center

Catherine Joy '23 | Economics Major | Bay Area Wilderness Training

Arlin Lopez Rivera '22 | Finance Major | Katherine & George Alexander Community Law Center

Samson Lothschutz '23 | Communication Major | Actual Films

Ainsley Mowers '23 |Marketing Major | AAUW San Jose

Madi Moyhihan '25 | Political Science & Philosophy Major | Northern California Innocence Project

Audrey Mullarkey '23 | Political Science & Economics Major | tUrn @ SCU

Isabella Rea '23 | Communication Major | Skills Plus

Reha Shah '23 | Biology & Public Health Major | A Step Ahead Foundation

Jugraj Shoker '24 | Management Information Systems Major | Jakara Movement

Willa Weinsheimer '24 | Political Science & Communication Major | Northern California Innocence Project

Hydeia Wysinger '25 | Psychology & Public Health Major | Northern California Innocence Project

Grace Yonkers-Talz '24 | Child Studies & Religious Studies Major | tUrn @ SCU

Daniel Antillon '21  |  Psychology & English Major  |  Action Aliance International

Afton Burrell '21  |  Biology Major  |  A Step Ahead Foundation

Alexander Castro '22  |  Public Health Science Major  |  The Healh Trust

Anthony Chen '22  |  Computer Science Major  |  Code

Katherine Chen '22  |  Public Health Major  |  Air to All

Joycelyn George '21  |  Marketing Major  |  Oasis for Girls

Hope Olbricht '22  |  Biology & Public Health Major  |  The Food Trust

Alia Orlowsky '22  |  Philosophy Major  |  Katherine & George Alexander Community Law Center

Kate Rickwa '24  |  Public Health Major  |  Bronco Urban Garden

Omar Medina '23  |  Communications & Spanish Major  |  Bronco Urban Garden

Karla Santos '24  |  Ethnic Studies Major  |  Bay Area Children's Association

Adele Velastegui '22  |  Political Science Major  |  Immigration Institute of the Bay Area

Kimberly Wood '24  |  Political Science & Dance Major  |  tUrn of SCU

From Fellowship to Full Time!

As an Ignatian Fellow, Afton Burrell '21 spent the winter quarter of her senior year working with A Step Ahead Foundation. The experience was so fulfilling that she stayed on with the non-profit organization and upon graduation was offered her current position as Marketing Communications Manager.

Student Experiences as Ignatian Fellows
  • 21-22 Ignatian Fellow Hydeia Wysinger


    This Fellowship is significant in my life, my SCU experience, and in light of the covid-19 pandemic. In my life, I am extremely passionate about a variety of social justice issues. I believe completing this Fellowship allowed me to gain a worldwide perspective of the injustices that go on in the world, but it also provided me hope that I can be a part of the change and create a more equal and equitable society. I believe that this Fellowship will also greatly aid me as I continue to take courses at Santa Clara University and grow academically, spiritually, and socially. I will take the lessons that I learned through the Ignatian Fellowship as well as through my work with NCIP, to become more kind and empathetic. We as a society must continue to uplift one another and embrace one another when we fall. 

    - Hydeia Wysinger, Northern California Innocence Project

  • 21-22 Ignatian Fellow Isabella Rea


    At Skills Plus, I worked with stroke survivors and helped them with their mobility, independent living, and communication skills. Although it was an amazing feeling to see the students progress, they taught me so much more than I taught them. They showed me how to never give up, stay persistent, be okay with failing, and get up even stronger. I learned that although they are disabled and may not be stronger than me physically, they are much stronger than me mentally. The class always encouraged one another and cheered for everyone’s successes, despite their own struggles. I will continue to carry their same mentality wherever I go, and hope to be as resilient as them one day. Their community is one that I am so grateful I was able to be a part of, and made my SCU experience even that more memorable.

    - Isabella Rea, Skills Plus 

  • 21-22 Ignatian Fellow Sparsh Garg


    In light of my SCU experience, this fellowship aligns completely. One of my main reasons for choosing SCU was its focus on the community around it, and its value to help the community. This fellowship experience allowed me to do exactly that but also become a fuller person internally.

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this fellowship was an opportunity for me to actually contribute to my own community after coming to college. Even in a time of social distancing, and virtual work, it brought me closer to my peers and allowed me to immerse myself in self-growth while contributing to something larger than myself.

    -Sparsh Garg, Maitri 

  • 21-22 Ignatian Fellow Zeeshan Javed


    The Fellowship served as a way for me to get more exposure to healthcare needs, especially with the Veteran community which I had little experience with. I learned what the Veterans Association was capable of and how truly important it was for healthcare in veterans' lives. It also helped me put into context the health consequences COVID-19 had on veterans overall quality of life and helped me connect my knowledge within my public health science classes on healthcare inequities to current issues that veterans face. I also found the research I did very eye opening, I was able to identify underlying issues that I had not known were problems for healthcare for veterans.

    -Zeeshan Javed, Veterans Administration 

Megan Baldemor

Baldemor '26

Biochemistry & Neuroscience

Hearts & Minds Activity Center

Dina Berhan

Berhan '27


St Mary's Eritrean Orthodox Church

Pragna Burra

Burra '27

Management Information Systems (MIS)

United Way Bay Area Free Tax Help

Karla Diaz Fregoso

Diaz Fregoso '25

Political Science & Communication

George & Katherine Alexander Community Law Center (GKACLC)

Kate Dobak

Dobak '24

Political Science

Law Offices of Kristin Boscia

Mia Flores

Flores '26


San Jose Family Shelter

Gabriella Gamarro-Gomez

Gamarro-Gomez '25

Mechanical Engineering

Yes We Can Read + / San Antonio Elementary

Graciella James-Hickey

James-Hickey '26

Political Science & Environmental Studies


Erica Julian

Julian '24

Biology & Music

Yes We Can Read + / Dorsa Elementary School

Anna Keenan

Keenan '26

Environmental Science

Garden to Table

Elsa Kinney JDF 2023

Kinney '25

Biology & Public Health

Hearts & Minds Activity Center

Angela Lomeli

Lomeli '25

Political Science & Spanish Studies

Yes We Can Read + / San Antonio Elementary

Max Mailloux-Beauchemin

Mailloux-Beauchemin '24

Mechanical Engineering

Yes We Can Read + / Dorsa Elementary School

Celeste Marina Mancilla

Celeste Marina
Mancilla '26

Political Science & Spanish Studies

Buchser Middle School

Estefana Mejia

Mejia '27



Stephanie Molina

Molina '26

Sociology & Communication

Catholic Charities - Our Lady of Refuge

Alicia Nelson

Nelson '26


Catholic Charities Food Distribution

Arturo Pacheco Martinez

Pacheco Martinez '25

Management & Entrepreneurship

Unity Council

Maria Perez

Perez '24

Public Health Science

Catholic Charities - Emergency Food Distribution

Maritza Pinedo 22-23 Ignatian Fellow

Pinedo '25

Political Science & Communication

Catholic Charities - Emergency Food Distribution

Cacia Roy

Roy '25


Yes We Can Read + / San Antonio Elementary

Charles Silver

Silver '27


Catholic Charities - Emergency Food Distribution

Allison Thigpen

Thigpen '24


Yes We Can Read + / Dorsa Elementary School

Sean Tsang

Tsang '27


Catholic Charities - Emergency Food Distribution

Caroline Wing


Communication & Art History

Catholic Charities - Emergency Food Distribution