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Applications open
Feb 28 - April 9

Immersion Coordinator Application

Immersions Coordinators

If you've been on an immersion trip during your time at SCU, are an undergraduate student, and want to lead one of the Ignatian Center's immersion experiences, consider becoming an Student Immersion Coordinator! As an Student Immersion Coordinator, you will further your commitment to building a community that cares for the common good of the world. 
In this process, you will develop leadership skills, assist in the planning and organization of all aspects of an immersion, and most importantly, facilitate an unforgettable immersion experience for your fellow Broncos.
As a Student Immersion Coordinator, you prepare and accompany students for a weeklong, immersive experience outside of the immediate Silicon Valley, during which you will help students explore both the lights and shadows, the beauty and unjust realities of a region through direct encounter with its inhabitants and those organizations working in solidarity with and service of these people. In engaging these global communities through thoughtful reflection, students will begin to see problems far away become much closer to home. After returning from immersion, you have the amazing privilege to further facilitate the students’ return in impacting their local community.
Only students who have participated in Ignatian Center programs during their time at SCU are eligible. To learn more, please email Maria Autrey at

Role and Responsibilities

The primary role of the Immersion Coordinator is to meet the needs of the student group in helping them grow in awareness of themselves and the issues of the world, often drawing from the collective wisdom of their own and others’ experience. The Immersion Coordinator helps to prepare their group for immersion and handles the majority of the logistical components and facilitates daily reflections during the immersion.


  • Must be available for formation meetings during the quarter prior to your immersion plus a meeting week one of the quarter following your immersion (usually tuesday 5:45-7:15, but this can change)
  • Participate and engage in leadership retreat on Spring Quarter (May 12-13) and Summer formation (online on Camino)
  • Model respectful, patient, and engaging behavior in being a bridge builder between the Ignatian Center and its students and partners
  • Model mature and honest sharing during reflections (students will follow your lead in sharing)
  • Consistent communication with Ignatian Center staff, particularly your mentor
  • Participate in miscellaneous activities outside of meeting times
  • Tabling to promote immersions (2/hrs quarter)

The Ignatian Center will cover all costs for Coordinators associated with the immersion, including travel, lodging, food and any program fees. Additionally, Immersion Coordinators will receive a $750 stipend split up into 3 payments based on the evaluation of the above objectives.

Immersion Coordinators begin their role after being selected and wrap up the formal role the quarter after their immersion.

Commitment Time Frame:

  • Summer 2022 Coordinators: Spring Quarter Formation + Immersion (June 16 - 25, 2023) + Spring and Fall Quarter
  • FYI Coordinators: Summer prep + Immersion (September 10-13, 2023) + Spring and Fall Quarter
  • Winter Break Coordinators: Summer prep + Immersion (December 9 -16, 2023) + Fall and Winter Quarter
  • Spring Break Coordinators: Summer prep + Immersion (March 23 - March 30, 2023) + Winter and Spring

Specifically, Immersion Coordinators are expected to engage in the following activities:

Summer prep and leadership training  |  1-2 hours weekly:

  • Complete coordinator assignments through Camino and communicate with ICJE staff 
  • Meet virtually with the Immersions Team two/three times via Zoom

Quarter Prior to Immersion  |  ~5 hrs./week including meeting time:

  • Weekly 2 hour coordinator meetings (~1.5 hr. in group and 30mins. w/ mentor)
  • Review applications (end of Week 3), and, with mentor (beginning of Week 4), select participants
  • Meet with immersion groups 5-6 times prior to departure from 5:45-7:30PM one day a week (usually Tuesdays)
  • Assist in program management, including:
    • Reviewing pre-immersion meeting itinerary
    • Set up the space for meetings
    • Check immersion prep assignments
    • Record and relay attendance to staff
    • Check in and greet students
    • Clean and organize meeting space afterwards
  • Meet one-on-one with your immersion companion at least once prior to the immersion
  • During finals week, meet with Immersions staff to review itinerary and all trip details
  • Be available for 1-1 mentoring and support to participants as the need arises

During Immersion:

  • Handle itinerary and logistical components of the trip
  • Lead and frame all immersion activities including group reflections
  • Model appropriate attitude and behavior throughout the immersion experience - Immersion Coordinators are expected to follow the immersion conduct agreement and to support the group in holding students accountable to the conduct agreement
  • Create safe and welcoming space for all participants
  • Communicate with companions regarding evening reflections and needs of the group
  • Possibly drive one of the rental vehicles during the immersion (Not applicable for all immersions)
  • Alongside the companion, communicate with the ICJE staff any emergency situations that may arise
  • Monitor and record expenses for immersion

Quarter Following Immersion:

  • Attend and lead Welcome Back Event Week 1
  • Host 2 post-immersion meetings held in the quarter following the immersion to help students integrate the experience into life back on campus
  • Spearhead the Solidarity Action Commitment
  • Be a conversation partner with students upon return as they deal with the challenge of integrating their immersion experience into their lives at SCU and beyond
  • Assist in the process of evaluation of the program

Immersion Coordinators

2023-24 Immersion Coordinators
Arturo Pacheco Martinez '25

Pacheco Martinez

Real Estate 
Immersion Cycle:
Winter Break Immersion
Immersion Location:
Los Angeles

"I am most excited for the transformation that comes with becoming part of a new community through inclusion and service. I also love to explore new places and meet new people!"

Grace Yonkers-Talz JDF 2023


Child Studies
Women & Gender Studies
Immersion Cycle :
Winter Break Immersion
Immersion Location:
Nogales Arizona & Mexico

"As I prepare to become an Immersion Coordinator, I am most looking forward to learning from (and with) others. I am also looking forward to getting to know other students at SCU who are passionate about social justice and activism."

Madi Smith '24 Immersion Coordinator 2023-24


Business Management 
Journalism & Political Science
Immersion Cycle:
Winter Break Immersion
Immersion Location:
Quito, Ecuador

"I am most looking forward to getting to learn and lead with a group of my peers and further my pursuit of being a caring and informed global citizen."

2022-2023 Coordinators

Kate Rickwa  Appalachia
Shakira  Asuncion Perez Dominican Republic
Paulina Ursua Ecuador
Karla Santos East LA
Madison Smith Costa Rica
Esmeralda Rodriguez US-Mexico Border

2021-2022 Coordinators

Lorena Delgado '22 Appalachia
Maryam Khatoon '22 Appalachia
Darcy Phillips (Staff) US/Mexico Border

2019-2020 Coordinators

Ava Fulweber '22 San Jose First Year
James Grom '21 Mexico
Gabe Hernández '21 Ecuador
Emma Hokoda '20 Appalachia
Aya Kanan '21 San Jose First Year
Javier Ortega '20 Arizona
Angelica Scott '20 East Los Angeles
Mary Claire Simone '20 San Francisco
Amanda Sits '20 Dominican Republic
Emily Yekikian '20 Oakland

2018-2019 Coordinators

Kristin Anderson '19 Ecuador
Evan Chen '19 Dominican Republic
Arelí Hernández '19 Appalachia
Isabel Ibarra '19 East LA
Lizzy Kamya '19 San Jose Urban Plunge
Megan Kenney '19 San Jose Urban Plunge
Ricky Matthews '19 L'Arche
Sierra Mink '19 Redwoods Monastary
Isabella Rios '19 Arizona Border
Sophia Sparagana '19 San Francisco
Madeline Wilcox '19 East LA

"This past winter, I led a group of my peers as we immersed ourselves in the social justice realities of East Los Angeles. I was constantly challenged as I had never had this type of leadership responsibility before. However, I learned the beauty of being uncomfortable and humbly living without all the answers."

Karen Mac
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