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Trip Coordinators

If you've been on an immersion trip during your time at Santa Clara, are an undergraduate student, and want to lead one of the Center's immersion experiences, consider becoming an Immersion or Urban Plunge Coordinator! As an Immersion or Urban Plunge coordinator, you will further your commitment to building a community that cares for the common good of the world.  
In this process, you will develop leadership skills, assist in the planning and organization of all aspects of an immersion, and most importantly, facilitate an unforgettable immersion experience for your fellow Broncos.
Only students who have participated in an immersion during their time at Santa Clara are eligible to apply. If you have questions regarding this, or would like to get further clarification based on our individual experience, please email Charles Mansour at
There are two unique opportunities to coordinate an immersion:
  1. As an Immersion Coordinator, you prepare and accompany students for a weeklong, immersive experience outside of the immediate Silicon Valley, during which you will help students explore both the lights and shadows, the beauty and unjust realities of a region through direct encounter with its inhabitants and those organizations working in solidarity with and service of these people.  In engaging these global communities through thoughtful reflection, students will begin to see problems far away become much closer to home. After returning from immersion, you have the amazing privilege to further facilitate the students’ return in impacting their local community.
  2. As an Urban Plunge Coordinator, you co-lead a high-yield, 30-hour quarterly immersive experiences in a location just 15 minutes away from SCU, targeting groups of students that may never have otherwise gone on a weeklong immersion.  In exploring the issue of homelessness against the backdrop of the enormous wealth of Silicon Valley, you help facilitate students’ engagement with people facing housing insecurity through service in a soup kitchen, listening to the stories of the unhoused in an encampment, and diving into the complexity of systems that marginalize the poor.   
For more details of the responsibilities of the commitment for each role, please click on the following links.

"This past winter, I led a group of my peers as we immersed ourselves in the social justice realities of East Los Angeles. I was constantly challenged as I had never had this type of leadership responsibility before. However, I learned the beauty of being uncomfortable and humbly living without all the answers."

Karen Mac
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2018-2019 Immersion Coordinators

San Jose Plunge

San Jose Plunge

Megan Kenney '19image

Megan Kenney '19

Economics / Anthropology

Lizzy Kamya '19image

Lizzy Kamya '19

Psychology / Sociology

Dominican Republic


Evan Chen '19image

Evan Chen '19

Accounting & Information Systems / Sustainability

Arelí Hernández '19image

Arelí Hernández '19

Political Science / Spanish / Ethnic Studies / Latin American Studies

Arizona Border


Isabella Rios '19image

Isabella Rios '19

Political Science / Spanish

Sierra Mink '19image

Sierra Mink '19

Philosophy / General Engineering / Classical Studies


East LA

Kristin Anderson '19image

Kristin Anderson '19

Economics / Spanish Studies

Isabel Ibarra '19image

Isabel Ibarra '19

Mathematics / Spanish Studies / Urban Education / Computer Science

East LA


Madeline Wilcox '19image

Madeline Wilcox '19

Ethnic Studies / Sustainability & Studio Art

Ricky Matthews '19image

Ricky Matthews '19

Civil Engineering

San Francisco


Sophia Sparagana '19image

Sophia Sparagana '19

Public Health / Women's and Gender Studies / Biology


Applications for the 2019-2020 Immersion Trip Student Coordinators are due April 17th. Contact with questions.

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