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Staff Contact

Interim Executive Director

  • Michael Nuttall

    Interim Executive Director | Associate Director | COO

    Michael Nuttall has served as the Interim Executive Director since May 2020. In this role, Mike oversees the successful operation of all aspects of the Ignatian Center and paves the way for the new Vice President of Mission and Ministry when that position is filled. 

    (408) 554-2747  |

Bannan Forum

  • Aaron Willis

    Director, Bannan Forum

    Aaron Willis serves as Director of the Ignatian Center's Bannan Forum. 

    (408) 554-4383  |

Ignatian Spirituality

  • Tony Cortese, SJ

    Program Manager, Ignatian Spirituality & Special Projects

    Tony Cortese, SJ serves as Program Manager of the Ignatian Center's Ignatian Spirituality & Special Projects. 

    (408) 554-5358  |

Community-based Learning

  • Jennifer Merritt

    Director, Community-based Learning
    Arrupe Engagement & Thriving Neighbors

    Jennifer Merritt serves as Director of Community-based Learning, overseeing the Arrupe Engagement and Thriving Neighbors Programs.

    (408) 554-5013  |

  • Jim Somers

    Program Manager, Arrupe Engagement
    Jim Somers serves as Program Manager of Arrupe Engagement, primarily responsible for working with community partners in the program.
    (408) 554-4641 |
  • Edrick Servando Bondoc

    Program Director, Arrupe Engagement

    Edrick Servando Bondoc serves as Program Director of Arrupe Engagement, primarily responsible for supporting Faculty in the program.

    (408) 554-5011  |

  • Adriana Meza Gutierrez Ma

    Program Director, Thriving Neighbors

    Adriana Meza Gutierrez Ma serves as Program Director of Thriving Neighbors,  primarily responsible for the Education Pipeline.

    (408) 551-7136  |


  • Charles Mansour

    Director, Immersions

    Charles Mansour serves as Director of the Ignatian Center's Immersions.  

    (408) 554-5346  |

  • Anna Ricci

    Interim Director, Immersions

    Anna Ricci serves as Interim Director of Immersions.

    (408) 554-3437  |

  • Valerie Sarma

    Senior Program Director, Student Engagement and Special Projects 

    Valerie Sarma serves as Senior Program Director of Student Engagement and Special Projects.

    (408) 554-5272  |


  • Mary McLane

    Director, External Relations

    Mary McLane serves as Director of External Relations, responsible for overseeing the Center's fundraising efforts. 

    (408) 551-7176  |

  • Nina Mota

    Director, Communications and Marketing

    Nina Mota serves as Director of Communications and Marketing, responsible for overseeing the Center's marketing and communications. 

    (408) 551-7177  |

  • Susan Chun

    Administrative Associate, Finance and Data Management

    Susan Chun serves as the Logistics and Operations Specialist, a member of the Operations Team who oversees the Center's database management and supports the Center as a whole.

    (408) 554-4549  |


Mailing Address

The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara CA 95053-0454




8:00 a.m.–5 p.m. (PST)

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