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Your Voice Has Power! 

The Wellness Center has organized a number of events to bring awareness to this subject during the month of April. 

Take a look at the schedule of events.

Update from Staff Senate President

Melissa Brotherton


Announcing a new Staff Senate Secretary, Lynn Goodall

  • Lynn is the application specialist in University Relations and has jumped right in to assist us with meeting minutes and logistics. Thank you, Lynn, for helping us get through the home stretch!

Updates from the University Coordinating Committee (UCC)

  • Proposal: Staff and Human Resources Representation on the UBC
    • The UCC has reviewed and approved the proposal
    • Next steps: The University Budget Council (UBC) will review and vote to approve the proposal, then the Faculty Senate Council and Staff Senate will review and vote
  • Staff Housing Task Force
    • We had 55 nominations - thank you for your participation!
    • The UCC is currently reviewing the list and will appoint members in the March 19 meeting

Coming Soon: Staff Senate Handbook

  • In support of our key priority to "Develop transitional materials and processes to continue momentum as we transition leadership year-to-year," the Staff Senate Executive Committee is drafting a handbook that will provide details on roles/responsibilities, processes, and guidelines to manage the Staff Senate.  This handbook will also be very helpful for on-boarding new senators. 

Amendments to the Staff Senate Bylaws

In support of our 2017-18 key priorities to "Update Staff Senate bylaws [...] to create a more structured and productive Staff Senate body" and to "Restructure the Staff Senate Executive Team to better align with the Faculty Senate Council structure" the Staff Senate Executive Committee proposed the following changes to our bylaws:

  • The Vice President role will become President-Elect
  • A complete list of duties for the President and President-Elect
  • President and President-Elect will no longer be Senate representatives for their areas
  • The date of the President-Elect election
  • The date of the Senator election
  • The date of the Committee Chairs election
  • The term date for the Committee Chairs

On March 26, 2018, the Staff Senate held a Special Staff Assembly meeting (minutes) to review, discuss, and vote on the amendments. Attendees at the special staff assembly voted to approve the amendments (21 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain). 

Please see the full proposal for more details of the revisions, the rationale, and timeline. Also, see the full Staff Senate Bylaws online

Jack Herstam

Associated Student Government President

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is made of five branches - Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Community Development, and Public Relations. A significant focus for ASG is funding the registered student organizations (RSO). 

ASG campus initiatives:

  • Hammocks around campus
  • Labeling of Benson food ingredients and calories
  • Extension of Benson operating hours
    Residence halls side door hours
  • Nap pods
  • Making CAPS available online – mental health resources
  • Bridging the Gap committee – political discourse on campus

ASG community initiatives:

  • Off-campus engagement with police
  • N.U.R.C. Neighborhood University Relations Committee - how to be better neighbors
  • Educated Partier Program - how to be a responsible partier

Expressive Activity Policy update:

Staff Senate Liaison Updates

Technology Advisory Committee
Liaison: Luis Lecanda
  • Thank you, Information Technology, for your hard work! 

  • Library Weeding Project – books that have not been checked out in the last ten years will be withdrawn from circulation and sold. Profits will be donated to a literacy program in Africa.
  • Proofpoint – an email security software that helped IT catch several thousand emails that were identified as phishing scams.
  • Alumni Email for Life - new email address for alumni
Workplace Sustainability Committee
Liason: Carly Koebel
  • EcoTrays are now available at Adobe Lodge and can also be used in Benson. Th Office of Sustainability is working on signage for the display.
  • Reminder: Please empty your desk-side black trash receptacle yourself; the custodians will empty recycling
Parking & Transportation Committee
Liason: Thomas DeGuzman
  • Scoop carpool app
    • Scoop is no longer affiliated with SCU, but you can still use the app. Parking & Transportation are looking for an alternative. There is a carpool program that provides free parking passes. Contact the Parking & Transportation office if you are interested.
  • ACE Train
    • SCU staff no longer get a 50% discount – although the student discount is still valid. Approx. 20 staff members ride the ACE Train, which was not enough to qualify for their discount. This is currently being re-evaluated with the goal to have the discount reinstated. 
  • The Zagster Dock bikes
    • No longer a financially viable option for SCU, however, alternative solutions are being investigated. 
  • Parking 
    • In the next 18 months, we can expect 400 parking spots to be gone from Sobrato. Parking will be difficult until lots open back up again.
  • Monthly newsletter
    • Parking and Transportation are now distributing a monthly newsletter to provide updates as our campus undergoes major construction. 


#IAmSCUStaff - And the Winners Are ...

Thanks to everyone who submitted an #IAMSCUSTAFF video. This video contest was a fun way to connect as a community and get a glimpse into "a day in your SCU life."  

At our recent awards ceremony, we presented two awards for the Best Comedy Video. The awards went to #DreamTeam (directed by ECP Admissions) and #SCUisHome (directed by the Department of Anthropology and Sociology). Congratulations!

It's Earth Week at SCU!

GREEN Club Santa Clara is organizing an event every day this week in celebration of Earth Day (April 22). Walk around campus to learn what you can do to take better care of our amazing planet. Learn more »


Thanks for Donating! 

All of these items were collected during the week of March 5 for Toiletries for a Cause. We look forward to organizing similar events in the coming months.   

All toiletries were taken to the First Presbyterian Church to be distributed to our community members affected by homelessness.

In an effort to get to know each other better and to identify areas of collaboration, senators take turns during every meeting to share three personal facts about themselves, and a highlight and challenge in their area or department. Here are this month's featured senators: 


Lynn Goodall, Application Specialist, Advancement Services

Staff Senate Secretary, Senator (University Relations)

Three Things about Me

  • I love to ride dirt bikes. We do a family trip to the desert each year over Thanksgiving, where we get to ride our bikes. Unfortunately, we’ve had to put this trip on hold until my boys stop growing, as each year they not only need new gear but also new bikes!
  • I love to camp or rather “glamp.” We have an RV and enjoy doing road trips. This year we will be going on a road trip to Glacier National Park.
  • Fun fact: I’m not Australian (just in case you were wondering)!

Area Highlight

  • Day of Giving
    • University Relations would like to extend our gratitude to everyone across campus who helped make this another successful Day of Giving.
    • SCU received 5,585 gifts and raised over $3.2M.
    • For more information, you can visit the website at

Area Challenge

  • Getting data from across campus with regards to student/alumni activity and involvement.
    • We use this information to code records in CLARA (our CRM database), which can then be queried on later to provide you with contact lists, based on your specific criteria.
    • These lists can then be used for things such as event invitations for a targeted group.
    • Our aim is to discourage different areas on campus maintaining shadow databases and instead, have information stored centrally in CLARA.

Carly Koebel, Senior Program Manager, Law School, Center for Global Law and Policy

Senator (Law School)

Three Things about Me

  • I’m taking advantage of the tuition remission at SCU by working on my MBA.
  • I love animals and in my minimal free time volunteer at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Remember - Adopt Don’t Shop!
  • I’ve been to all seven continents. My current goal is to be a member of the Traveler’s Century Club.

Area Highlight

  • Law school admissions are up!
  • We sent students to four different continents last summer.
  • We are in the process of moving into Charney Hall.

Area Challenge

  • Our audience is new each year as it is generally first-year law students on our programs.
  • Moving to Charney Hall, getting used to the new building, and getting settled in, while still working as we enter our busy season.

Sergio Lopez, Manager of Direct Appeal, Development Office

Senator, Communications Committee Co-Chair

Three Things about Me

  • I am a triple-bronco: an alumnus (Computer Science '91), an employee, and dad to a current Bronco (my amazing daughter, Monica Lopez)
  • I lived in Mexico City until age 15 and lived and worked professionally in Paris, France, for nearly 5 years. I've split the rest of my time in California and Arizona.
  • I am fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Area Highlight

  • March 15 of this year was my last day at the Law School's Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center. Serving our clients, our law students and our law community in such amazing and distinguished company was the privilege of my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have played a small part in the amazing transformations that take place at the Law Center everyday.
  • I recently joined the Development Office's Annual Giving Team as the Manager of Direct Appeal. As the "new kid" on the block, I am so looking forward to learning from my amazing colleagues and locking arms with them as we advance the mission of the University. Thanks for the opportunity and the amazingly-warm reception.

Andrea Santillan, Assistant Director, LEAD Scholars Program

Senator (Undergrad Studies)

Three Things about Me

  • I have completed five half marathons and I am currently training for my first full marathon.
  • I am a certified SCUBA diver and will be going on a live-aboard this July to hopefully swim with some tiger, reef, and lemon sharks in the Bahamas.
  • I really enjoy Marvel movies and have come to really love Star Wars after my boyfriend introduced me to it.

Area Highlight

  • We are really growing our program from a predominantly first-year transition program to a comprehensive 4-year+ program.
  • We are offering new vocational classes, alumni mentoring circles, and generally more support to help our students find their passion and transition to the working world.
  • Re-creating our alumni program has been challenging, but we are so proud of what we have done to have so many alumni give back their time and to also create workshops.
  • We are always so proud of our students. They are incredibly hard-working and so resilient with everything they had to overcome to get here, and continue to overcome navigating college and SCU as a whole.

Area Challenge

  • Right now we are looking to increase our numbers by the following year to 105 first-year students.
  • We are going to have to re-evaluate how we intentionally create a community so our students still feel the tight-knit family the program has created for their cohorts.
  • We are always looking for jobs/internships for our students to really help them network and find opportunities.
  • As a first-generation college student, they often do not have family or family friends to help find an internship or job opportunity, so they rely on us to connect them with individuals for these opportunities or for informational interviews.
  • We are also looking for ways to provide distance programming, knowing we are not always in the same area as our alumni. We also want to help them become the networking opportunities for the younger students.
Staff Senate Meeting
Monthly Staff Senate Meeting
10:30 a.m. - noon | Graham Commons
  • Speaker: Dennis Jacobs, Provost | Civil Discourse
  • Speakers: Jennifer Gayle, Campaign Manager;  Katie Rohrer,  AVP, Development & Campaigns | Capital Campaign

  *All staff members are invited to attend Staff Senate meetings


Questions? Please contact your area senator or email

Visit our website: