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Update from Staff Senate President

Melissa Brotherton



Alcohol Policy Amendment Update

  • The proposal is on hold until the spring to allow the Wellness Center to complete its strategic plan on alcohol and other drugs

Mid-Year Financial Update

  • Faculty Senate has approved the proposal
  • The Staff Senate will send the proposal to the Office of Finance and Administration for consideration

Updated Charter Amendment Process

  • Faculty Senate Council had a few changes, so the Staff Senate reviewed the updates and voted again to approve the new version: 21 in favor; 0 object; 0 abstain

February was a very active month on many administrative and community-building levels. We are making great progress and I appreciate the collective efforts and team spirit. I look forward to finishing the year strong with all that we set out to accomplish.


Speaker: Ed Ryan

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Pathway to Reaffirmation
  • WASC is a University-wide assessment and evaluation to look at the effectiveness of our educational programs

  • A working group was developed in the fall 2017 and will work to draft a report (by September 2019) in time for the final accreditation visit (fall 2020)

Speakers: Kathy Kale and Melissa Brotherton

Alumni Strategic Plan

The Journey

  • The three-year journey started when SCU launched the Integrated Strategic Plan; There wasn’t an explicit mention of alumni or the role they can play

Alumni Attitude Survey Results

  • Commissioned an alumni attitude survey (May 2015) and conducted benchmarking in higher education and with companies that have strong brand communities and great customer services, to better understand how alumni can contribute to the University's success
  • 82% have an excellent or very good current opinion of SCU, but only 35% still feel part of the SCU community
  • Alumni who still feel part of community are 2-3X more likely to have favorable feelings about SCU, to want to remain engaged with it, to be a donor, and to have an excellent opinion of the University

Why Alumni Are Important

  • They are the only true lifelong stakeholders in the University - We have 100k alumni in over 130 countries around the world
  • Alumni animate our mission - they represent the very best of the University in their work, home, and communities
  • They are passionate contributors - In dollars, but they also have the ability to contribute jobs, expertise, advocacy, resources, brand influence

The Strategic Plan: Three Big Ideas and 11 Key Priorities

  • Big Idea #1: Once a Bronco, Always a Bronco - We need to embrace our alumni as lifelong stakeholders and facilitate deep, meaningful engagement across the campus
    • Key Priority 1: University Integration - embrace alumni as the 4th leg of our stool along with students, staff and faculty
    • Key Priority 2: The Bronco Journey - create a consistent journey from the prospective student to their 60th reunion and beyond
  • Big Idea #2: Activate the Tribe
    • Key Priority 3: Bronco Brand Community - give our alumni the opportunity to have a voice in the University
    • Key Priority 4: Spirit, Pride, History, and Traditions - foster a culture of pride to grow and cultivate our community
    • Key Priority 5: One Family - better engage graduate and international alumni
  • Big Idea #3: Surprisingly Relevant and Wildly Useful 
    • Key Priority 6: Recent Alumni - 40% of undergraduate alumni graduated in the last 15 years
    • Key Priority 7: Marketing and Communications: Reinvented - targeted marketing, better online and digital presence
    • Key Priority 8: Regional Connections - How do we better engage alumni where they live?
    • Key Priority 9: Professional Connections - We know from the survey, alumni see professional support as one of the most valuable ways the University can give back to them
    • Key Priority 10: Diversity and Inclusion
    • Key Priority 11: Student Engagement

Summary and Next Steps

  • We’ve got great goodwill with our alumni, but not as many of them feel part of the Santa Clara Community
  • We know that if they feel part of the community they are more likely to give back
  • Our goal is to close the gap between goodwill and connectedness
  • We believe the 3 big ideas and 11 key priorities in our Strategic plan will help alumni feel part of the community which will help the University achieve the ambitious goals

Speaker: Denise Ho

New Student Welcome Program
  • The program is geared towards faculty, staff, and students to be SCU ambassadors to incoming students
  • We are asking staff members to be ambassadors to 10-12 incoming students
  • Reach out to each student before they’re admitted in the fall to build the Bronco family
  • For more information, send an email to Denise Ho (

Working Group Updates

Sustaining Excellence (Chair: Andrew Chai)
  • Sliding Scale Fees: Varied fees based on salary for costs like parking permits

  • Formal Student Intern Program: Develop a program to place student interns in different University departments/areas

  • Promotion Track: Explore best practices for staff promotion 
Diversity & Inclusion (Co-Chairs: Andrea Santillan & Tanisha Sparks)
  • Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and Inclusion: Build a relationship with Ray Plaza and Margaret Russell and address concerns with limited staff representation in the Blue Ribbon Commission Report

  • Crisis Communications: Evaluate the role and response the Staff Senate should play
Compensation (Chair: Delilah Montoya)
  • Merit increase: A 3% merit increase has been approved; will be allocated based on performance and discretion of supervisors
Staff Benefits (Chair: Dave Harrison)
  • Vacation Hour Donation: Can one donate to a specific person with an emergency or just to a general pool? Could we also do a drive to alert people of this option? How robust is the current pool?

  • Emergency Volunteer Opportunities: It’s currently narrowed to programs through the Ignatian Center, and we want to be able to use with outside entities and other service related to our social justice mission

  • Rental Deposit Assistance for New Staff: Can we offer this benefit to make SCU more competitive and better retain talent?


Enter the #IAMSCUSTAFF video competition!


Let's spice up our community spirit through a friendly and creative competition. Work in teams or individually to take a video of a "day in the life" of an SCU staff member.

Submission Details

  • Length: 1-2 minutes
  • Categories: Videos can be funny, documentary-style, or musical - feel free to be creative
  • How to submit: Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and email the link to Samantha Kibbish (
  • Deadline: Monday, March 12

Judging and Viewing Party

Join us on Monday, March 19 to watch the video submissions and choose your favorite. The winners will be selected by the audience. Popcorn will be provided!


Along with the prestige of being recognized as one of the #IAMSCUSTAFF favorites, winning entries will also receive amazing prizes -- think movie tickets, themed gift baskets, gift cards, and more! Also, the winners will be featured in the Staff Senate eNews. 

Video and Production Support

New to the video production process? Staff Senate has partnered with Technology Training to help you with shooting techniques on your mobile device, video production techniques, and post-production workflow -- all in bite-sized, hands-on sessions.

See the training offerings »


Toiletries for a Cause
Help community members affected by homelessness


During the week of March 5, donate your extra travel-sized toiletries. Email Samantha Kibbish ( and she will come by to pick up your items. All items will be taken to the First Presbyterian Church to be distributed to the community. 


5th Annual Lam Research Heart & Soles Run
Support children's health and wellness
6:30 a.m., Santa Clara University Campus


Run from Santa Clara University through Avaya Stadium and back for a race you won't forget! Entries include a one of a kind jersey-themed race shirt, professional chip timing, and a sweet finisher medal.


Please note that you must register here to participate in the race.   


Find additional information about the schedule and course here


Do you want to walk or run with your SCU colleagues? 

Please fill out this form »



In an effort to get to know each other better and to identify areas of collaboration, senators take turns during every meeting to share three personal facts about themselves, and a highlight and challenge in their area or department. Here are this month's featured senators: 


Harold Gutmann, Associate Director, Brand and Marketing Strategy, University Marketing and Communications

Senator (UMC)

Three Things about Me

  • As a teenager, I was a clown who performed at children's hospitals, retirement communities, and birthday parties.
  • Before coming to Santa Clara, I was a sportswriter at daily newspapers in New York and North Carolina. I still cover sports as a freelancer and have covered the last three NBA Finals.
  • I have always lived on the East Coast before coming to California with my family three years ago.

Area Highlight

  • Reorganized our structure to become more focused on digital and invested more resources in social media and video
  • Built and strengthened campus relationships moving UMC from a project shop into a strategic campus partner
  • Produce Santa Clara Magazine, one of the top alumni magazines in the country
  • Worked with admissions on new recruitment materials that won the Gold Award at CASE
  • Launched a new all-constituent electronic newsletter celebrating the successes and achievements of students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Partnered with Donor Relations to launch the Santa Clara Magazine Live campaign events

Area Challenge

  • We have significantly fewer resources (headcount and budget) than many of our peer institutions. For instance, we only have 2.8 FTE on our web team and we only have two designers. This makes it hard to accommodate every request from our campus partners in-house.

Brian Moon, Senior System Administrator, Information Technology (IT)

Staff Senate Vice President, Elections & Bylaws Co-Chair

Three Things about Me

  • I am a Super Bronco, multiple times. I graduated from Bellarmine, then transferred to SCU to complete my undergrad in Operations Management & Information Systems (OMIS). I then jumped into the master’s program immediately after graduating and got my MSIS. While an undergrad I was hired as a student employee in IT, then at the start of my grad program I was hired full time. Also during my grad program, I served as an adjunct lecturer, which means I have been part of all four major groups on campus: student, staff, faculty, and alumni.
  • I play the bass. I started in 2010 by taking lessons with the School of the Blues in San Jose. I am currently part of the worship team at my church.
  • I am a fire spinner. I starting spinning fire poi in 2008 and can be seen annually as part of Bethlehem at Santa Clara First Baptist Church.

Area Highlight

  • Email for Life will be offered to alumni as another way of staying connected with SCU. A web form will be created where alumni can register for an email address.
  • A project to migrate our ERP to Workday will be starting soon. This will be a long and painful process, but is much needed for the sustainability of SCU.
  • Our backup environment is now completely off of magnetic tapes and is backing up into the cloud. This will give us a lot of flexibility if there is ever a major event that requires us to restore our entire data center at another location.

Area Challenge

  • We are still working to patch all of our systems to protect them against Meltdown and Spectre. This process will take a while as patches are still being released, and we expect that there will be patches for the patches to correct the performance impacts that they will have.
  • We would like for departments to approach us as early as possible when evaluating new technical solutions. If we are brought into the conversation early we can help evaluate possible solutions to ensure that they will integrate with our systems and follow best practices.
Staff Senate Meeting
Monthly Staff Senate Meeting
10:30 a.m. - noon | Graham Commons
  • Speaker: Charlie Ambelang, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources - Staff Compensation Update
  • Speaker: Jack Herstam, Associated Student Government (ASG) President - Overview and Goals

  *All staff members are invited to attend Staff Senate meetings


Questions? Please contact your area senator or email

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