UniversityMarketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

A unified message reinforces a powerful Santa Clara University brand, reflecting the vision and excellence we all represent and the passion we share for educating the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

A Shared Role in Strengthening Our SCU Brand

At Santa Clara University, each school, college, center, department, and program plays a strategic role in telling the overall Santa Clara brand story and in moving the University to even greater recognition and prominence.

The SCU Brand Guidelines establish the framework and resources for use by all SCU communicators, affiliated groups, and contracted vendors to ensure brand consistency across all University-related communications, whether we're:

  • Creating marketing materials,
  • Building a Web presence,
  • Talking with prospective students,
  • Collaborating with alumni,
  • Building professional relationships,
  • Engaging supporters and donors,
  • Working with the media, or
  • Connecting through social communities.

The following sections of this site will enable you to communicate with clarity, consistency, and confidence. 

Visual Guidelines

Follow University standards for our brand visual style. Support your verbal messaging with high-impact imagery.

Editorial Guidelines

Create content to engage your audiences with the correct writing voice, tone, and style. Find Web writing tips.

Web Guidelines

Improve and enhance your webpages. Fulfill the specific needs of your key audiences and stay consistent with the SCU Brand.

Photography Guidelines

Access the Digital Asset system to search for images for print and digital projects. Find photo-related policies and tips.

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