UniversityMarketing and Communications

The SCU Brand

In simple terms, our brand is our reputation. It is the total experience—perceptions, expectations, and emotional connections—that someone has with our University.

More specifically, our brand is our image, our presence and involvement in our communities, the quality of our faculty, our student engagement, and our alumni and donor loyalty. It is constructed from the interactions these audiences have with us over time, and sets expectations about how Santa Clara will interact with them.

The Importance of Our Brand

A strong brand presence is vital in an environment filled with so many higher education options and alternatives. As a university, our brand defines who we are, our attributes, personality, and values. Santa Clara’s brand encompasses what makes us better, special, and different from our peers. Our brand is important for the following key reasons:

  • It helps attract the “right” students—those for whom Santa Clara University is the right choice, and who will thrive at SCU.
  • It lets us differentiate ourselves from other universities on factors that are important to prospective students and those who help them make decisions.
  • It helps us build loyalty among our students, alumni, and community. In turn, they provide us with valuable word-of-mouth that further strengthens our brand.
  • It provides immediate credibility for new offerings, schools, and programs. People know what to expect from educational experiences at SCU.
  • It instills a sense of trust, value, and promise in the eyes of our donors, advocates, and other supporters.

By consistently using the appropriate brand language to describe ourselves, we can make certain the audiences we are trying to reach understand SCU’s unique advantages.