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UniversityMarketing and Communications

Web and Digital Design

T4 Upgrade Completed

TerminalFour has been upgraded to the current release (8.2.17). Please refer to the upgrade overview for more information about this project.

We provide a number of resources to help you create great digital experiences.

Resources for Site Managers and Content Contributors

Web design and development resources are available for assistance with TERMINALFOUR, LiveWhale, and other services.

Resources for Partners and Outside Agencies

If you are building a website outside of TERMINALFOUR, SCU's Design System allows you to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript assets to easily build templates that match our look and feel. Request GitHub access to get started.

Colors, Typography, and Style for Digital

SCU's Design System provides guidelines for colors, typography, and template examples for creating cohesive digital collateral.

Getting Support

Our team is available to assist with support, training, or design help. Start by creating a ticket