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Marketing and Communications

Social Media

Social media offers powerful channels for communicating, connecting, and engaging with SCU's key audiences. Check out our primary social media profiles:

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Virtual backgrounds

Wherever you are, show your Bronco spirit in your Zoom classes and meetings.


Add some SCU flair to your social media posts with these stickers and gifs.

The Basics of Being Social at SCU

Santa Clara University uses social media as a marketing and communications tool to engage audiences, including but not limited to, prospective students, current students, donors, alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and the broader community, with a number of objectives in mind:

  • To support the University’s mission, goals, programs, and sanctioned efforts, including University news, information, content, and directives.
  • To enable and support student recruitment and retention.
  • To leverage excitement around and build participation in fundraising campaigns.
  • To engage alumni and strengthen alumni relations.
  • To facilitate alumni/student/faculty relations in academic departments.
  • To build pride and encourage dialogue among all community members.

Social Media Site Management

There are many social media sites associated with SCU. Management of official sites is handled as follows:

  • The University’s primary social media channels are managed by University Marketing and Communications.
  • UMC’s director of social media and emerging strategy aids and advises campus social media content managers who are responsible for the University’s secondary social media channels.
  • University units manage the content posted to their respective department sites.



How to Use Our Social Media Icons

The following icon files are available for University download and use. Please contact Social Media and Emerging Strategy Director Karen Paculba ( for more information about using these icons for Web and social media and downloading for use in print pieces.

25x25  Bronco Exchange Social Media
32x32  Bronco Exchange Social Media 
64x64  Bronco Exchange Social Media
128x128  Bronco Exchange Social Media
256x256  Bronco Exchange Social Media
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32x32  Follow us on X, formerly Twitter
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General Guidelines for Social Media Managers

As an SCU social media manager or content provider, you are encouraged to connect and communicate more effectively with your audiences by following the guidelines in this section. Note that, because of the evolving nature of social media, these guidelines are subject to change. We welcome ongoing feedback and new ideas from the campus community.

Site managers are also encouraged to access the entire SCU Visual Identity Elements section for additional social media support structures.

Logo - Please see our logo guidelines to make sure content is aligned before publishing.

Photo, Video, and Voice Recording Guidelines - If you plan to use media (photo, video, and/or audio recordings) for commercial purposes, a signed release(s) should be obtained and kept on record by the department recording and creating the final content. SCU's General Counsel maintains and hosts the most current version of the release form here. As for event recordings (photo, video, and/or audio), SCU's General Counsel offers the following language that can be posted at registration areas and throughout the venue:

Santa Clara University (SCU) is photographing and/or otherwise recording this event. By entering the event premises, you consent to photography or other recording(s); you agree to release SCU from any liability connected with the recording, publication, reproduction or other use of photographs and/or recordings; and you hereby grant SCU an irrevocable, unlimited license to use your likeness, mannerism(s), or voice that may be present in such photograph or other recording, without credit, compensation, inspection, or approval.  If you do not wish to be photographed or recorded, please leave the area.

When minors are the primary audience for an event, such as an event for high school students, please contact the General Counsel's office for specific guidance.

User Generated Content (UGC) - Photos posted on social media should be done so with the utmost care. Before posting a photo, ask permission from the individual(s) included. If there is a child in the picture, consult parents before posting, although we strongly discourage posting pictures of children. Photos must also be appropriate. Do not post any photos that would not be suitable for the University website. Examples of images that should be avoided include, but are not limited to: nudity, graphic scenes, and medical and hospital patients. Give photo credit when using others’ photos,

Stock Photography and Copyrighted Images - Keep in mind that many photos found on the Internet are protected by copyright and are illegal to post without the creator’s permission and/or a purchased licensed. To find content that is safe to use and not copyrighted, consider using UnsplashPexels, or  Creative Commons,  You can also find images that are safe for reuse from Google images and Flickr. Under Advanced Search, filter for images that are “free to reuse.”

Promotions - Do not use SCU’s name or brand logos to promote or endorse any product, cause, or political party or candidate.

University’s Best Interest - Do not post sensitive or confidential information pertaining to Santa Clara University. Avoid discussing or speculating on Santa Clara University internal policy or operations. Similarly, please refrain from offering opinions on University topics or personalities that could be considered sensitive, confidential, or disparaging.

Athletics Posts - In compliance with NCAA Division I Athletics rules, do not acknowledge social media posts or content from incoming students who have claimed to have signed with a Santa Clara University athletics team unless the news has been confirmed by our athletics department. To be safe, do not announce anything athletics-related unless it has already been announced by the SCU Department of Athletics. In order to promote Santa Clara’s competitive spirit in athletics, use a tone that exudes optimism, hope, and belief in the team’s ability to win.

Comments - Remove comments and report if they are obscene, threatening, contains or advocates illegal activities, contains offensive language, or is an advertisement/endorsement of a product or political figure. 

Branded Hashtags: #LifeAtSCU, #SCUProud, #DiscoverSCU, #FutureofSCU #SCUAlumni, #SCUBeauty #JesuitEducated, #SustainableSCU, #StampedeTogether (athletics), #AllinforSCU, #OnlySantaClara, #GoBroncos

Exposure - Tag any and all related SCU accounts (i.e. departments, centers of distinction, schools, and colleges. etc.). Do research on relevant handles/hashtags and use them strategically to maximize exposure, we recommend 1-3 hashtags in each post. Provide a link as a resource for your audience to learn more whenever possible - use a link shorter (such as bitly) to save post space.

For more resources, guidelines, and best practices contact the director of social media and emerging strategy, Karen Paculba (

Social Media Council and Quarterly Meeting -  UMC’s Social Media and Emerging Strategy team hosts quarterly meetings to share social media and video best practices and inform council members of upcoming University-wide campaigns. If you are a member of staff or faculty and would like to be added to the group, please email the director of social media and emerging strategy, Karen Paculba (

Top benefits of attending include:

    • Learn new/develop social media- and video- related skills and best practices
    • Gain access to resources that help you be efficient and effective in your social media responsibilities
    • Collaborate and mix with other Social Media Managers across campus, understand what they are doing, share what you're up to and find ways to create brand lift
    • Stay "in the know" of University-wide social media campaigns and how you can collaborate/coordinate your efforts

  • Social Media Image Sizing Guide - Whenever possible, include visual media that is properly sized for the social platform (photo, video, gif, etc.).
  • Bitly - Use to shorten links and save post space
  • Unsplash, Pexels - Royalty free photos for use
  • SCU Brand Guidelines - Site managers are also encouraged to access the entire SCU Brand Guidelines site for additional social media support structures, including branding guidelines, editorial messaging, graphic identity standards, photography, and more.