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Marketing and Communications

Media Relations Support

The SCU Media and Internal Communications team offers advice and support for gaining media coverage on our newsworthy programs, students, and faculty—in print, online, in the news, and through social channels.

Working Effectively with the Media 

Santa Clara University has an impressive story to tell. We are home to exemplary students, global thought leaders, and trusted sources in multiple fields.  

By strategically sharing our stories throughout popular media, we increase the University’s visibility, enhance its reputation, and demonstrate its unique value among our key audiences.

The Media and Internal Communications team works to inform and engage key audiences with the following Media and Internal Communications roadmap:

  • Establishing media relations goals and identifying targeted media to serve your constituencies.
  • Setting and monitoring media timelines for your project.
  • Identifying and updating media contacts.
  • Assisting with writing op-eds, press releases, and FAQs for your department and its programs.

CAMPUS EMERGENCIES: In the event of a campus emergency, Media and Internal Communications will work with you and your department to develop a media plan to coordinate information, develop backgrounders, and identify departments and constituents across Santa Clara University who can proactively assist in such an emergency.

The Media and Internal Communications team handles and advises on all aspects of media communication, including:

  • Press Releases. Writing press releases and sending them to key media contacts via e-mail and Business Wire. Press releases, designed to convey newsworthy information to the media in a timely manner, are also posted on the SCU News & Events webpage. For assistance with your press release, please complete our Press Release Support form.
  • News Alerts. Preparation and distribution of news alerts. These are brief releases designed to suggest story topics and sources for the news media, and to alert them about upcoming events.
  • Media Interviews. Handling media contacts and assisting with scheduling, preparing, or training campus members for media interviews.
  • Story Pitches. Suggesting story ideas to personal contacts with local, regional and national news media. These are initiated by media relations staff or in response to inquiries from media.
  • SCU Experts. Pitching feature story ideas and recommending faculty "experts" to media around breaking news events and trends. See Experts for the Media for a complete list of faculty contacts.
  • Press Conferences. Arranging press conferences, briefings, or other interactions with news media.
  • Media Monitoring. Keeping track of mentions and coverage of Santa Clara University and its community throughout the news media.

Reporters often directly contact SCU faculty or experts for interviews and to serve as credible sources on breaking news.

If faculty or community members are contacted by the media. Before committing to a media interview or answering any questions on the spot, SCU community members are asked to first clarify a number of things about the media request. Those include: the scope of the requesst; whether the interview is in the best interest of the community member or the University; and the angle and topic of the story the reporter is working on. Although time is often of the essence, it is best to avoid jumping in without adequate preparation.

Need help? If you have not dealt with the reporter in the past or are in any way uncomfortable or uncertain about the media request, please contact the Media and Internal Communications team for assistance and guidance.

An op-ed (originally short for “opposite the editorial page”) is an article designed to express an opinion in a clear and persuasive way. They are excellent vehicles for faculty and other campus community members to be part of the larger debate by having their opinionated perspectives published in outlets such as newspapers like the Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, or Wall Street Journal, as well as online commentary sites like The Huffington Post, MarketWatch, and CNN.

Timely placement of op-eds can be competitive and selective. Faculty or staff who have an interest in writing an op-ed for mainstream news outlets may contact the Media and Internal Communications team for assistance with conceptualizing, writing, editing or placing the piece.

Members of the news media often call on University officials or faculty experts to serve as sources for relevant stories.

Visit the SCU Content Experts for the Media page, where searches can be conducted by topic/category or keyword.

For further assistance in locating SCU experts to comment on news stories—or to have your name added to this list—please contact the Media and Internal Communications team.