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UniversityMarketing and Communications


SCU inspires students, faculty, and staff to do meaningful work that impacts the world. Our brand photography should communicate this quickly and authentically.

Imagery and Visual Storytelling

When it comes to expressing the Santa Clara University brand, our photos and videos tell the stories of our diverse and dynamic community in a visual way. Our photography shows the breadth of life in and around the University as well as on location, and our choice of imagery can and should support our verbal branding messages. 

Applying the practices found in this Photography guide will help you elevate the impact of your unit's storytelling and enable you to confidently handle some aspects on your own.

Policies & Guidelines

Follow our policies about copyright and usage, photo credits, and unauthorized photography on campus.

Need Photos Now?

Access the SCU Widen Collective to search for appropriate images for print and Web projects.

Hiring Freelancers

Get references for contract photographers, tips for working with them, and associated costs involved.

Using Stock Images

Consider stock imagery to help tell a specific story, when an original photo cannot be used or created.

DIY Photography

See how shooting your own photography can be fairly easy and cost-effective for certain projects.