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Marketing and Communications

General Guidelines

The following policies have been developed to provide guidance for all SCU communicators, affiliated groups, and contracted vendors.

Permissions and Model Releases

Model releases show that you have your subjects' permission to use their name or likeness in SCU publications, on our website, or in any communication or marketing material that promotes the University. For these purposes, signed model releases are required for every recognizable person shown in images shot by the University photographer, freelancers, and campus community members. Keeping the releases on file also helps to identify photo subjects for caption information. If multiple people are pictured in the photographs, it’s good practice to describe their appearance on the release form to help identify them at a later date. Download and make as many copies as needed of the SCU MODEL RELEASE FORM.

Copyright and Usage Information

Photographs on the Santa Clara University website and those otherwise provided by University Marketing and Communications are owned and copyrighted by Santa Clara University.   Photographs may not be used in any way other than their intended context or for the commercial promotion of Santa Clara University.

Photo Alteration

SCU-produced photographs may not be altered in any way other than sizing to fit layout format and minimal cropping. Alterations should never fundamentally change the truth of a scene or the accuracy of persons, places, or events depicted in a photograph.

Photo Credits

Photographs that are copyrighted by the University and published in on-campus pieces, off-campus media, or public relations pieces must include a photo credit. If you are using a Santa Clara University photograph, and the photographer is unknown, the credit should read: Photo: Courtesy of Santa Clara University.

Commercial Photography on Campus

The Santa Clara University campus is highly sought after by many organizations, and we frequently receive requests for photo and video shoots. Although we appreciate having the Santa Clara University campus recognized, our policy does not allow for our campus or our intellectual brand properties to be aligned with commercial representations.

University Archive Images

Find additional usage information, developed for Cloudinary, on the Finding Photos in Our Archive section of this site.