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Marketing and Communications

Using Stock Images

When original photography does not exist or cannot be used or created to help tell a specific story, stock photography can be used.

Choose Stock Imagery with Care

Avoid the following pitfalls when considering stock photos:

  • Using stock when you could easily shoot something yourself
  • Using cliché or overused photos
  • Using photos that don’t relate well to your content
  • Using imagery that looks outdated or non-professional
  • Buying the less expensive low-resolution file versions

If you do use stock photography for your publications or webpages, it is your responsibility to secure the usage rights for those images. Note that the University Marketing and Communications is not responsible for any charges incurred for the use of images provided to us by our clients without proper permission.

Stock Photography Resources

There are several online providers offering a range of pricing options for purchasing stock image files. Some offer all images for free; others have a mix of paid and free imagery.

Check out some of our most-used online stock sources: