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Marketing and Communications

University Logos

The Santa Clara University logo is our most important visual branding tool. Consistent use of the logo serves as an immediate identifier of the campus and helps reinforce a single, unified brand that showcases the University’s quality and character.

Any official materials associated with the University that the public may see—whether in print, online, or around campus—must include the SCU Mission logo or wordmark. For more information about logos and usage please contact the interim Art Director Colin Buckner.

University Masterbrand Logos

Directly below are configuration examples for the University’s official and primary logo. Our logo should be applied to all visual print and digital communications. 

The Mission Logo

Alt text:

Note: Logo can be placed on any solid color found in the University's official color palette. 


Approved Logo Colors

PMS 201
CMYK 0,100,63,29

CMYK 0,0,0,100

CMYK 0,0,0,0


Incorrect Usage

Santa Clara University logo with mission building in red.

Santa Clara University logo featuring a red mission-style building silhouette.

Do not scale the logo to any propotions other than the original

Do not choose colors other than those found on the approved palette

Do not alter the application of colors within the logotype beyond approved palette colors

Do not reduce the logo smaller than .61” x .793” or 29% of original logo

Red mission logo with

Do not enclose the logo in ANY shape other than approved white-on-red box shown above

Do not add a dropshadow to any part of the logo

Do attempt to typeset the logotype—logo image files must be used at all times

Do not change or add any other elements to the logo


University Brand Extension Logos

University logo guidelines also apply to SCU’s strategic brand extension units—also referred to as co-brands or sub-brands—which may have their own coordinated designs for marketing collateral and other communication efforts.

These units echo the themes of the institutional brand and exist to highlight reputation-building programs aimed at specific audiences, while telling the same institutional story.

Examples of the University’s brand extensions include Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the Athletics department, and specified campaigns and programs of the Development Office.

Below is an example of the Miller Center’s official and primary logo. 


The newly released, official Athletics department logo leverages the core University brand, making our story more vivid and energetic as our athletics reputation rises in prominence.