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Marketing and Communications

SCU Color Palette

The University's official color palette is an important element of our brand identity. Correct combination and usage of the palette's primary, secondary, and accent colors is vital to upholding the visual legacy of the SCU brand.

Because of the differences in computer monitors and computer video cards, the colors displayed below should be used only as guides. For the most accurate representation of colors, please check the physical Pantone Matching System (PMS) color chips, available in University Marketing and Communications.

Official University Colors

Primary Print Colors

PMS 201
CMYK 0,100,63,29
RGB R 179, G 7, B 56
HEX #b30738

CMYK 0,0,0,100
RGB R 0, G 0, B 0
HEX #000000

Secondary Print Colors

Pantone 202 Color swatch
PMS 202
CMYK 1,98,58,44
RGB R 134, G 38, B 51
HEX #862633

PMS 124
CMYK 0,27,100,0
RGB R 234, G 170, B 0
HEX #eaaa00

PMS 431
CMYK 45,27,17,51
RGB R 91, G 103, B 112
HEX #5b6770

Print Accent Colors

PMS 5763
CMYK 36,16,62,48
RGB R 115, G 123, B 76
HEX #737b4c

PMS 452
CMYK 24,20,48,6
RGB R 176, G 170, B 126
HEX #b0aa7e

PMS 468
CMYK 8,14,33,0
RGB R 221, G 203, B 164
HEX #ddcba4

PMS 5565
CMYK 50,19,36,7
RGB R 127, G 156, B 144
HEX #7f9c90 

PMS 635
CMYK 32,0,1,0
RGB R 164, G 219, B 232
HEX #a4dbe8 

PMS 1385
CMYK 0,54,100,5
RGB R 213, G 120, B 0
HEX # d57800   

Primary Web Colors

Brand Red Web
Brand Red
HEX #b30738

Link Red
Link Red
HEX #9e1b32
PMS 201 for web
PMS 201
HEX #811e2d

Secondary Web Colors

HEX #4e4540
HEX #033b4c

Light Beige
Light Beige
HEX #f4f2f0

HEX #dfdbd3 

HEX #e9e8d5 
HEX #546575   
Need help with applying SCU's visual elements? Please contact: