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The SCU Seal

The current version of the University seal is adapted from one first imprinted on the red sealing wax for the official letters of John Nobili, S.J., the University’s founder and first president.

The Jesuit seal of the cross rests on the letter “H,” and the three nails representing the crucifixion of Christ are below the three letters. Above the eagle’s head are 13 stars, which represent the nation’s original 13 colonies.

Using the University Seal

The University seal was originally reserved for official documents, including presidential publications, diplomas, or other legal, academic, or official university documentation—or on the highest awards or certificates. The seal can now also be used for formal occasions and formal products. If usage is in question, please contact Colin Buckner. 

Note: The dropped star on the right side of the eagle’s head is correct—stars should not be altered in any way.

The approved colors for the university seal.


Approved Seal Colors 

PMS 201
CMYK 0,100,63,29

CMYK 0,0,0,100

CMYK 0,0,0,0


Incorrect Usage

Do not alter the outside of the circular border

Do not fill the background with color or screen tint

Do not alter the color beyond the approved palette

Do not scale the seal disproportionately

Do not change the inside text of the seal

Do not extract the eagle, or any part of the seal, from its whole