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Grand Reunion Weekend Spotlight: Campus and Learning Commons Tours

Friday, Jul. 22, 2011

The Grand Reunion schedule is now available!  We are pleased to present a slate of events that we are sure you will enjoy.  In an effort to not only convey how excited we are, but also to give you an inside look into what will be happening during the weekend, this blog will feature a spotlight on a particular event each week leading up to Grand Reunion.

No matter when you graduated from Santa Clara, the campus that you will see in October is markedly different from the one whose beauty you once enjoyed for four years. 

As soon as you enter campus via Palm Drive, you will see the construction of the new Patricia A. and Stephen C. Schott Admission and Enrollment Services Building.  This structure will bring together Admissions, Financial Aid, the Office of the Registrar and the Bursar’s Office under one roof, in a more visible area of campus, to better welcome prospective students and serve current ones.

Some of you will chuckle to yourselves as you walk across the landscaped surface of what is now called the Alameda Mall, recalling how you once had to dodge cars to traverse from one side of campus to the other, like a game of Frogger. 

Others, on your way to visit Benson or Swig, may pass by the Commons on Kennedy Mall and say, “Hey, that’s new!”, and then scratch your heads, wondering what is up with the grass on top of the building.  Constructed to demonstrate sustainable design, this common area features many environmentally friendly concepts, including a living roof, which helps lower energy costs, and natural insulation made of straw bales and blue jeans.

Over the years, many of you have lamented the loss of the Graham Pool, looking back fondly on days spent poolside between classes and on weekends.  Well, when you arrive on campus in October, you may be surprised by the absence of the entire Graham complex, which was recently torn down to make way for a new residence hall that will be open for occupancy in the fall of 2012.  “New Graham” will have a quad as part of its design and will be built as one complete unit, although it will retain the “neighborhood” feel that made such an impact on decades of Santa Clara students.

One other notable new building is the Harrington Learning Commons, which is home to the Orradre Library and Sobrato Technology Center.  Built in 2008, this learning hub is a must see for all Santa Clara alumni: It contains a cafe, conference rooms, various labs, and lots of study areas.  You will surely be fascinated by the automated retrieval system as it grabs a requested book destined for a student’s exploration.

The Grand Reunion offers you a golden opportunity to reacquaint yourself with Santa Clara’s campus, which continues to grow and change in an effort to provide students with the best experience possible.  There is much more for you to see, including the new Paul L. Locatelli, S.J. Student Activities Center, the Sullivan Aquatic Center, and even the newly renovated Donohoe Alumni House.  So sign-up for one of the tours that are being offered during the weekend – There are ones that will take you around campus as well as dedicated tours of the Harrington Learning Commons – and fall in love with Santa Clara all over again.

Go Broncos!

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Maureen Muscat said on Jul 28, 2011
I can't believe how much the campus has changed in the last year, let alone since I graduated 20 years ago! If you haven't been to campus in a while, you should really take one of the tours!
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