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UGRD Arts & Sciences '85
Julianne Katherine Abney-Lovin
Julianne Katherine Abney-Lovin ’85 passed away on January 1, 2011. Julie is survived by her devoted and loving husband, Douglas, mother Polly, father Albert and brothers Paul and Michael. She is also survived by extended family, college friends, coworkers, her book club and other friends. She grew up in Thousand Oaks but moved to Santa Clara County after high school and resided there the rest of her life. Julie was a computer science graduate of Santa Clara University. During these years, she developed strong ties and a love of Saratoga where she resided for over 20 years. She maintained her friends from Santa Clara University and was always a proud supporter of the Jesuit education she received. An engineer by profession, Julie loved traveling with her family and friends. Whether it be on a cruise, Las Vegas, camping or her favorite Hawaii, she was happiest in the sun chatting and reading or playing with her puppy - Buddy. Julie enjoyed shopping and was fond of giving gifts. She loved to surprise people by trying to make their lives easier with a present or kind word. She always put others in front of herself and gave more than she ever took. Julie will be remembered as a kind soul. She always tried to make people smile even when cancer progressed. She was strong in ways we'll never know and we will miss her everyday.
submitted Feb. 11, 2011 12:30P
Herbert Blake Jr.

Herbert Blake Jr. PhD '85, June 1, 1942 - July 2, 2014.

Born in Denver, raised in Fort Morgan, CO. Served as a naval officer in Vietnam. BS in international affairs U 0f CO, Boulder. MBA in decision sciences, CSUS. PhD in decision sciences, Santa Clara U. Professor in School of Business, Management Dept. CSUS. Survived by wife Nancy (Sacto), daughter Chelsea (W. Hollywood), son Brook, daughter-in-law Amber and granddaughter Nevaeh (Sacto), brother Alan (Texas), and many other relatives and friends.

submitted Aug. 14, 2014 10:56P
GRD Ed./Couns Psych./Pastoral Min. '85
Edna "Teddy" Marie Pescatore Renzullo

Edna (Teddy) Marie Pescatore Renzullo M.A. ’85  passed away on June 8th, 2013 in Yuba City, Calif. Her love and caring for her students will be missed by all. Edna was born in Torrington, Conn. November 27, 1940. She attended Seaton Hall University in N.J. and later obtained a Masters of Education from Santa Clara University in Calif. She was a teacher for over 40 years. The last 28 were at Saint Isidore's Catholic School in Yuba City. She is survived by her loving husband of 40 years, Ivilo "Mike" Renzullo, her son, Chris Renzullo (Jodi) her granddaughters, Gillian and Lauren of Yuba City, CA brothers, Michael (Lorraine) of Florida and Richard (Lilly) of Connecticut and many nieces and nephews. When Edna was not in the classroom teaching, you could find her bowling, playing cards, or supporting her grandchildren in their various endeavors. 

submitted Jul. 23, 2013 10:59A
GRD Leavey/MBA '85
Donald W. Pray

Donald W. Pray '85, a long-time resident of Cupertino, died on June 7, 2009 at age 82 after a short illness. He is survived by his daughter Jane Pray-Silver, two sisters, and six grand-children. Don was raised in the Boston area and he traced his family history in the U.S. back to the 17th century. Don completed a 22-year career in the Navy, aboard the USS Coral Sea, as a chief petty officer. During a tour of duty in the Philippines, he met, courted, and then later married his wife Josephine. After retiring from the Navy, Don completed his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at San Jose State University. He completed an MBA at Santa Clara University while at Underwriters Laboratory, where he worked for 19 years, retiring from his position as Associate Managing Engineer in 1989. After retirement, Don continued his many pursuits. He maintained his vintage VW Beetles. He was certified as a small airplane pilot, and loved to fly his single-engine Cessna. He was an avid bicyclist and military historian. He is preceded in death by his wife and their son Joseph.

submitted Jul. 9, 2009 10:23A
GRD Law '85
David J. Osborne

David J. Osborne J.D. ’85, June 3, 2013. Dave was in the middle of a jury trial. He was in the midst of defending a client against charges of child abuse. Dave was a public defender, appointed by the Court to defend the most despised in our society. He gave his life to and for his clients. He defended and saved the lives of many of our citizens. He was most proud that he convinced a jury to spare the life of one man who the state was trying to execute. David James Osborne was born on April 1, 1956 to James and Katie Osborne in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is survived by his only sister, Jane Frydenlund, of Floodwood, Minnesota. He loved miniature trains as a boy. One of his granddads had been an engineer. His dad was managing editor of the Grand Rapids newspaper. His mom, Katie, had been one of its first female reporters. She quit so that she could raise Jane and Dave. Dave went to a ""free school"" and never graduated from high school. He was proud of his GED and displayed it proudly on his law office wall. He was proud of his clear and cogent writing which he credited to his parents and their life of letters. Dave's best friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan were Kimbo and Jim Reed. In 1980, he graduated from Michigan State University, a student of philosophy and political science. In 1981, he moved to California, with his sweetheart, Diane Meconis. She was accepted into the Hastings School of Law at University of California in San Francisco. Dave got a job at The College Avenue Burrito Shop. A year later, he was accepted into the University of Santa Clara School of Law. He said he wasn't smart enough to get into Hastings, so he went to Santa Clara, with one of his best friends, David Michmerhuizen, who moved out from Michigan to live with him. When I was told by my girlfriend not to bother coming home, Dave offered his couch. When his next door neighbor, Ben O'Mahoney, had his apartment burned by his crazy roommate, Osborne, O'Mahoney, Michmerhuizen and I all moved to a locked, iron door neighborhood in downtown San Jose. That house, or the mattresses where the people lived below it, caught fire. The fire started, perhaps, by firecrackers thrown in the floor heater, investigated by fire inspector Piper, continued to spark Dave's fascination with explosives. Osborne barely survived first year final exams after catching double pneumonia. I finally took him to a doctor for antibiotics. He eventually moved with me to Felton, California. We lived with a fellow, Randall G. Binks, III, also known as White Cloud. Dr. Michael Freeman of Ben Lomond would commute with Osborne to law school that year and became his friend. In 1985, his last home during law school was a cottage in San Jose behind the house of Doug Bird and Stewart Wilson, lawyers with the Legal Aid Society of Santa Clara County. They also volunteered for The National Lawyers' Guild. Dave helped found the University of Santa Clara County Chapter of The National Lawyers' Guild. The Lawyers' Guild at that time observed and represented protestors arrested during Presidential campaigns of the day. A few months before he died, he planned with me to establish a National Lawyer Guild Chapter in Redding to advocate for Native Americans here. Dave's next love was a radical lawyer in San Jose, Constance Carpenter. He loved her passion for justice, her crazy ways, her celebrations of life and love of tequila. Her law partners, Dan Mayfield and Jeff Lake J.D. ’92 were his good friends. Somehow, Dave graduated from the University of Santa Clara School of Law. He loved Ed Steinman's Civil Procedure and Alan Sheflin M.A. ’87's Forensic Persuasion classes. His photographic memory and razor sharp intellect somehow substituted for class and study, and Dave graduated from the University of Santa Clara School of Law and passed the California Bar exam. He followed me up to Redding, California to work for Frank J. O'Connor, the Shasta County Public Defender. Steven C. Kennedy, Bob Willie, Greg Parker, Brian McNally, Erin O'Toole McNally, Gary Roberts, Daphne Wilson, Bill Malloy, Doug Gardner and Jeff Gorder J.D. ’84 all worked with him at the office. Gary Roberts once accused him of stomping on Gary's toe. Dave enjoyed playing practical jokes on Gary, sending envelopes with white powder and wrapping Gary's porch with crime scene tape. Gary said Dave Osborne was one of the three reasons he left Shasta County. After Frank O'Connor left the Public Defender's office, he and Dave Osborne then shared an office across the street from the courthouse for many years. Dave loved Berkeley, the Mediterranean CafT, the record stores. He loved Oakland and Mama's Royal CafT. He loved San Francisco and the Schezuan Restaurant. He fantasized about moving back, going back to college to study Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies. He wanted my wife, Monica, to find him a mosque in Chico where he would be welcome. He loved the beauty of the Koran. In earlier years, Dave dug African history and music: King Sunni Ade in the 1980s and Ali Farke Toure and Hugh Masekela in the 1990s. He always appreciated guitar, especially Leo Kottke. He himself played the bass. He loved to play and listen to Motown like The Temptations or The Neville Brothers and The Wild Tchoupitoulas. Of course, he loved the Reggae music of Bob Marley and the Wailers and Toots and the Maytals. Twenty years ago, I would often find Dave after work at the Squire Room having a beer with buddies, John Webster and Frank O'Connor. Dave loved and doted on his friends' children, Corbin, the son of his best friend, Rich, Mary Ellen, the daughter of his sister, Jane, and especially Savannah, his God-daughter, my daughter. He wanted us to dedicate a room in our home so that he could build a huge train track and train set for our kids. We never got a chance. He often shopped for these kids and thought of them and tried to imagine what kinds of things they might like. He collected Barbies, and went shopping for Barbies, and had Barbies at his home that he never had a chance to give to my daughters before he died. After moving to Redding in 1986, he found a new true love, Christy Zink. She was a park ranger and Fish and Game warden. They lived together on the Sacramento River, his friend John Webster living in a cottage on the property, where they brewed beer. After that he lived with Al Myrtle, and became involved in Kenpo karate with Scott Halsey and his best friend, Rich. Dave used to love to tell stories, funny stories about himself and others. He never lost the relish for repeating these. He loved to tell about the one time that he met my dad when my dad showed up with a T-shirt that said ""Get a lot of the beach while you're young!"". In his last ten years, his secretary, Sharon Rader, became like a sister, and a mom, to him. He complained constantly to her about his health, but seldom saw a doctor or changed his habits. She cursed him daily after his death. Dave's mother, Katie Osborne, lived into her 90s. She died just a few years ago. She would continue to come and visit him for several weeks each year, until she broke her hip, and could no longer tangle with Dave's huge dogs. Dave lived for these visits each year with his mom, complained about them, complaining that he would have to get his house clean and presentable for her visits. His mom would tell Dave that she wasn't buying any green bananas. 

Every Christmas, he would fly to be with his mom and his sister to Grand Rapids, to Brownsville, to Virginia, to Minnesota. Osborne loved the music festivals in Northern California. He loved to camp all weekend in the fairgrounds while drum circles play all night, people sold acid outside his tent flap, youngsters offered to buy his fried eggs, or sell him sticky balls or ganga spaghetti. He looked forward to another summer of Reggae-on-the- River and the World Music Festival in Grass Valley. Dave loved to backpack with me and Frank O'Connor in the Trinity Alps. Dave's poor health slowly caused him to postpone and only dream. He never gave up dreaming of doing these things that he loved.

submitted Jul. 22, 2013 5:18P
GRD Law '85
Constance M. Ridder

Constance "Connie" M. Ridder J.D. '85 died at her Pebble Beach home on August 5, 2011 surrounded by family. She was 70 and had battled intestinal cancer.  "She was the voice of reason," said her husband, P. Anthony Ridder, former Knight Ridder Chief Executive and SCU Board of Trustees member, as well as the 1986 recipient of an SCU honorary degree. "I could talk things through with her, and her judgment about situations was always very mature. With some people in life, you never know what you're getting on a certain day. With Connie, everything was very even-keel."  Constance Louise Meach Ridder was born in Charlotte, Mich., the second of three children. She was raised in Traverse City, Mich., where her father was a small-business man who at one time owned a boat store before buying a dry-cleaning shop, where her mother also worked.  It was a traditional Midwestern family with solid values—something that would serve her well during a life that would become more privileged than most, but was marked by a sense of frugality and a no-nonsense work ethic that aided her transformation into an accomplished attorney, dedicated golfer and passionate gardener.  From an early age, she also reveled in competitive sports, including skiing—she was Central U.S. Ski Champion in 1957—as well as tennis and golf. At one time she posted an 11 handicap.  She met Tony Ridder while both were enrolled in the same philosophy course at the University of Michigan. They were married during their junior year after a short engagement.  "She was smart and fun, and we just fell in love," said her husband, who recalled telling her with a smile, "Stick with me; you'll go places." While she interrupted her studies to get married, Tony Ridder continued on, graduating from the university in preparation for a career in his family's newspaper chain. After stints at Ridder newspapers in Aberdeen, S.D., and Pasadena, the couple moved in 1964 to San Jose, where Tony Ridder worked his way up to publisher at the Mercury News.  In 1986, after he was named president of the newspaper division of Knight Ridder, the couple left for the company's headquarters in Miami. In 1995, he became chairman and CEO of Knight Ridder. In 2006, part of the chain, including the Mercury News, was purchased by its current owner, MediaNews. But it was while living in Saratoga, where they were raising their four children, that Connie Ridder decided she wanted to do something more with her life, starting with earning her college diploma.  "She was always a person who felt like she wanted to work and earn what she had," said her best friend, Sally Lucas.  In 1977, she began at West Valley College, earning straight A's. She then enrolled at Stanford University for three years, graduating with a degree in political science.  Wondering what she should do next, her husband—who had once been interested in attending law school himself—suggested she apply."I told her that way I could vicariously go to law school," he recalled. During a four-year program at Santa Clara University, her family said, she was determined to balance her responsibilities as a wife and mother—even if it meant sitting on the bleachers during her son Par's football practices reading law books, Par Ridder recalled.  "She was still very much our mother. That was always her priority," said daughter Susie Ridder, who also earned a law degree at SCU. "Tony and her family were the love of her life—that's what really meant everything to her," Lucas said.  In many ways, Connie Ridder's goals coincided well with her move to Miami. By that time, her children were mostly grown. And being in a new city where she at first knew few people, she could focus on her career, initially as a corporate attorney, and then as a trust and estate attorney. The training was tough, but she was conscientious, refusing to bill clients for the total amount of hours she put in until she got up to speed, her family said.  "I told her, 'You're the only attorney in America who doesn't bill their clients for the full hours they put in on the job,'" Tony Ridder said. Her goal was to become partner, and by 1992 she did so at the Miami office of Holland & Knight, one of the country's largest law firms. "She didn't do anything lightheartedly," said daughter Linda Walker. "She was very tenacious."  Over the years, Connie Ridder had taken up golf and, like other endeavors, was determined to master it in her own way, beginning with a set of her husband's right-handed clubs, even though she was left-handed. The game was a social opportunity, but also a test of her skills against others. "She was a student of golf," said daughter Katie Ridder, who noted that her mother was forever studying magazines and videotapes to improve her game. "She analyzed everything." Not long after returning to the Bay Area with her husband in 1998, she wound down her law career and threw herself into civic activities, serving as the first female president of the governing board at the Filoli Center in Woodside, a property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and later as a trustee of the Carmel chapter of The Garden Club of America. She was also the longtime head of the Ladies Golf Committee at the Cypress Point Club. "What Connie brought to the board was wisdom coupled with grace," said Jane Risser, Filoli's executive director, who called her "very strategic," but mindful of Filoli's culture and the value of its 1,300 volunteers. "She was able to help everyone understand that we had the same shared vision for Filoli, which was to make the institution enjoyable and accessible to the whole public, from young children to people with physical disabilities," Risser said.  Her passing, Risser said, is "a tremendous loss for everyone."

submitted Aug. 29, 2011 3:59P
UGRD Arts & Sciences '85
Beverly Ann Rossi

Beverly Ann Rossi '85 on August 8, 2010. After a courageous battle with cancer, Beverly passed peacefully at her home in Saratoga surrounded by her family. Born the daughter of Jerry & Dolores Zafiratos on June 16, 1949 in McCloud, Calif. Loving wife of Richard Rossi and Sister of Gus Zafiratos, Beverly is survived by her devoted husband, daughters Cynthia Rossi and  Rikki Hanna, step-daughters Teresa Anderson and Kristina Carter, precious grandchildren Tina Metz, Michaela Anderson, Jessica Carter, Justin Carter, Ryan Hanna and Mason Hanna, great-grandchildren Dylan Metz and Alexis Metz.  Beverly received her Bachelor of Science and master degrees from Santa Clara University and doctorate in psychology from Pacific Graduate School in 1994. She had her own private Marriage & Family Counseling practice in San Jose, CA for 15 years where she touched and helped so many lives. She was a dedicated board member of the Valle Monte League, Calif. She will always be remembered for her strength, grace, intelligence, and her passion for life. She left a lasting impression wherever she went and will truly be missed.

submitted Aug. 19, 2010 11:23A


GRD Leavey/MBA '86
William F. Weitz

William F. "Bill" Weitz Jr. MBA '86, resident of San Jose, died March 31, 2010, in Needham, Mass., after a courageous battle with cancer. Born September 15, 1951, in Pittsburgh, Penn.; he was the son of the late William F. and Elizabeth (Alex) Weitz Sr. Bill served in the Navy as an electronics technician from 1969-1973, aboard the USS Seattle. He graduated from U.C. Irvine and later with an MBA from Santa Clara University. He enjoyed a long career in talent management with various high tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Watkins-Johnson, KLA Tencor, Yahoo! and Solectron. He volunteered for many years with Furry Friends Animal Rescue and united many pets with their forever homes. He will be missed by family and friends, including children Joey and Jennifer Weitz and their mother Beth Weitz, daughter-in-law Kristin Weitz and granddaughter, Ashlynn Weitz all of San Jose and his companion Kerry Sullivan of Concord, Mass. He was the brother of Cynthia (Pix) DeMann, Pamela Grove and Richard Weitz.

submitted Apr. 30, 2010 11:34A
Sydney Byron Darington

Sydney Byron Darington ’86, of Fremont, Calif., passed away July 21, 2011.

submitted Dec. 11, 2011 12:26P
GRD Leavey/MBA '86
Philip Chike Nchekwube

Philip Chike  Nchekwube '83, MBA '86 on March 8, 2010. A native of Aguleri in Anambra State, Nigeria, Chike was born in Lagos to Georgina Nchekwube and the late Matthias Nchekwube. He returned to Aguleri at the onset of the Nigerian civil war and completed his secondary school studies at All Hallows Seminary in Onitsha. Chike then moved to the United States in 1979 and subsequently obtained his undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA from Santa Clara University in California where he graduated with distinction as the class valedictorian. He also held a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley and worked at various times as an accountant at Xerox, an attorney at the global law firm of Jones Day in Washington DC, a business owner of three GNC stores in northern California, a deputy prosecutor in Lake County, Indiana and a professor of Business Law and Accounting at St. Francis University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Left to mourn Chike are his wife, Miranda Nchekwube sons, Ikenna and Nnamdi Nchekwube; mother; brothers, Emeka and Chiedu Nchekwube; sisters, Angelina Ivenso, Uju Nchekwube, Victoria Nchekwube; in-laws, along with countless other friends and family members who were blessed to have known him. Chike had a good wit and enjoyed long conversations with friends and kin, championing the aspirations of the Aguleri people in the diaspora, and being with his family. He touched the lives of many people with his smile and generosity, and maintained his trademark sense of wit and stubborn integrity all the way to the end.

submitted May. 24, 2010 4:21P
UGRD Arts & Sciences '86
Peter C. Hellwig

Peter C. Hellwig ’86 on Feb. 2, 2008.

submitted Jun. 29, 2010 11:15A
UGRD Engineering '86
Patrick Pilling

Patrick A. Pilling ’86 was a wonderful man who left us too early. He died at home on Dec. 7, at the age of 50, after a courageous battle with cancer. Born in Palo Alto, Calif., to Jack and Marie Pilling, he was the baby of the family. Pat went K-8 at Saint Albert the Great in Palo Alto, and then rode a train to San Jose everyday for the next four years to attend Bellarmine College Preparatory, where his father and older brother had also gone to school. While at Bellarmine, Pat played football and baseball. He graduated with honors and received the Student Scholar-Athlete award. He was later inducted into the Bellarmine Athletic Hall of Fame as part of the 1981 state championship football team. 

Pat studied engineering at the University of Santa Clara while he played baseball on an athletic scholarship. Pilling pitched in the program from 1984-86 and played on the 1985 team that posted a 32-25 record. He made a team-high 22 appearances on the mound for the Broncos in 1985 and tied for the team lead with four saves. In 1986, Pilling tied for the team lead with 24 appearances and led the Broncos with three saves. Pat loved playing baseball, and he began coaching summer clinics for children at Stanford. Coaching youth sports became one of Pat's great passions, and he continued it for the rest of his life. When Pat graduated, he was employed at Case Pacific, an engineering firm in the Bay Area. During this time, he went to San Jose State University at night and graduated with a master's degree in engineering. 

Pat met his wife, KayAnn Loudon ’87 of Reno, while they were studying at Santa Clara. They were engaged after graduation, and Pat moved to Reno, where they were married in 1989. Pat worked at various Reno engineering firms while attending the University of Nevada, Reno where he graduated with a Doctoral degree in Geotechnical Engineering. In 1997, Pat became a founding partner in Black Eagle Consulting, a local engineering firm. Pat eventually became the President and co-owner of Black Eagle, and he loved his work and was very proud to be part of the company. Pat received numerous awards, including The National Society of Professional Engineers' Young Engineer of the Year award in 1996 and was the Outstanding Graduate Alumni of the University of Nevada, Reno in 2009. 

Pat and KayAnn were married for 25 years and had three wonderful sons: Casey (20), Brett (19), and Tyler (16). Every year, Pat coached his sons in Little League baseball and Pop Warner football, and was even president of Reno National Little League for two years. As his boys grew, Pat became a football coach at Bishop Manogue High School where each of his sons attended and played. He most loved coaching and spending time with his boys. Pat's other favorite activity was fishing; if he wasn't working or coaching, he was fishing. Pat fished the world, but he most loved to fish at Lake Tahoe or Pyramid Lake, which was another activity the family did together. Pat loved the outdoors and also enjoyed hunting. He was a member of the Canvasback Duck Club in Stillwater, Nevada, and enjoyed hunting there whenever he could. 

Pat was an amazing man who loved his family and friends. He was a hard worker and very successful in all of his endeavors. He loved life and he definitely made the best of every minute! Pat will be forever missed, and forever remembered.

Along with his wife and sons, Pat is survived by his mother, Marie Pilling; his sisters and brothers-in-law, Carol and Joe Byrne, Susie and Jim Bickel, Linda and Ted Fletcher; his brother and sister-in-law, Mike Pilling ’82 and Vicky Pilling; father and mother- in-law, Dr. Don and Kay Loudon; brother-in-law, Ross Loudon ’88; and many nieces and nephews.

submitted Dec. 15, 2014 8:25A
Pamela J. Skenderian
Pamela J. Skenderian ’86 died Aug. 20, 2012 in Ventura Calif. 

She was born in Glendale, Calif. on October 5, 1964 to Sue and Joe Skenderian. 

Pam grew up in La Canada and attended Paradise Canyon, St. Bede the Venerable elementary school and Mayfield Sr. High School in Pasadena, Calif. Pam completed her education at Santa Clara University. 

Her passion for caring for others led to a career as a special education teacher and administrator. 

Pam leaves behind her loving family including sisters, Leslie (Bill) Van Dalsem of Newport Beach, Calif., Jenny (Mike) Ward of Phoenix, Ariz., Sue (John) Stonehouse of Camarillo, Calif., Jessie (Ryan) Eckardt of San Francisco, Calif., and brothers Joe (Jeanne) Skenderian of Dallas, Texas and Jamie (Jody) Skenderian of Camarillo, Calif.  She is also survived by 15 nieces and nephews and loving aunts and uncles. 

Pam is preceded in death by her brother Peter and her grandparents Josephine Skenderian Driscoll and husband John, and Dr. John and Margaret Niles. 


submitted Sep. 6, 2012 11:27A
UGRD Arts & Sciences '86
Michelle Corbett

Michelle Kenealey Corbett '86 passed away peacefully, with her loving family by her side, on January 26, 2010, in Oakland, at the age of 45. She was preceded in death by her father, Robert A. Kenealey in 2004, and her mother Eileen Kenealey in 2007. She is survived by her adoring husband, Kevin, adoring daughters Katie and Megan, loving sisters Maureen Matteri, Danielle Kenealey and Joelle Kenealey, loving aunts Irma Burnett and Mary Mahoney and numerous cousins, nieces, nephews and in-laws. Michelle attended Epiphany elementary school and St. Rose Academy High School in San Francisco. She graduated from Santa Clara University in 1986 and married her true love, Kevin, in 1990. She was a long time parishioner of St. Theresa Catholic Church in Oakland, where her children attended school. She was very active in numerous parish events and activities,most especially those involving the school and the WINGS organization. She co-chaired the school auction twice. Michelle was known for providing sound advice and good counsel to many, especially to her fellow school moms with whom she worked and played and developed many deep friendships. Her favorite things to do were spending time with her large group of family and friends, cooking, traveling, socializing and hosting parties and events. She will remain forever an important part of the loving and supportive community of St. Theresa parish and school. Her many and varied friends will know that they need only to listen carefully whenever they wish to hear her familiar, easy laugh and when they wish to seek her advice and counsel which she will continue to give freely.

submitted May. 25, 2010 2:57P
UGRD Arts & Sciences '86
Mary Jubb

Mary Gerwe Jubb ’86, a resident of San Francisco who fought a courageous, 8 1/2 year battle with cancer, lost that battle on June 7, 2014. Everyone who knew her was inspired by her bravery and indomitable fighting spirit. She was 50 years old. In her last days at the UCSF Medical Center she was supported by a loving group of family and friends: her husband Paul Jubb, their children Sam, age 12, and Darcy, age 10, her parents Barbara Gerwe M.A. ’84, M.A. ’95 and Gene Gerwe, her siblings Gretchen, David, Peter, Sara, Kate, and Margaret Gerwe ’88 and their spouses, and many friends.

Mary and Paul were married in England in on August 1, 1998 and lived in Datchet and Windsor, England until 2005, when they moved to San Francisco. She was born in Davenport, Iowa and moved with her family to California in 1968. The family lived in Monte Sereno, when Mary attended Los Gatos High School and Santa Clara University. She had a successful career in marketing for British Airways and Kikkoman, USA.

Mary will be remembered by her family and friends as a loving, outgoing person, full of laughter; who lit up a room with her presence. She loved her nickname "Gorgeous", as well as cooking, tending her orchids, and planning parties. But most of all she loved her husband, her children and her extended family. That love was returned without reserve.

submitted Aug. 14, 2014 11:13P
UGRD Leavey Business '86
Marc Thomas Friscia

Marc Thomas Friscia '86 April 6, 1964 - August 5, 2010. Cherished son of Natalie Friscia and the late Carl Friscia, adored father to Natalie Friscia, loving brother to Tony (Linda) Friscia, Tina Clark (Steve), and loving uncle to Antonio Friscia, Michelle Rosecrans, Chris Friscia, Denise Gewecke, Karen Wilhelm, and survived by grand nephews, nieces, cousins, many friends, especially Lydia. He attended St. Vincent de Paul Grammar School, St. Ignatius College Prep, and Santa Clara University, and received a MBA from University of San Francisco. Marc loved to cook and entertain family and friends. He enjoyed traveling. He will be missed. He lit up our lives!

submitted Aug. 23, 2010 11:19A
UGRD Arts & Sciences '86
Marc Thomas Friscia

Marc Thomas Friscia ’86 died on August 5, 2010. Born on April 6, 1964, he was the cherished son of Natalie Friscia and the late Carl Friscia, adored father to Natalie Friscia, loving brother to Tony (Linda) Friscia, Tina Clark (Steve), loving uncle to Antonio Friscia, Michelle Rosecrans, Chris Friscia, Denise Gewecke, Karen Wilhelm, survived by grand nephews, nieces, cousins, many friends, especially Lydia. Attended St. Vincent de Paul Grammar School, St. Ignatius College Prep, Santa Clara University, received his MBA from University of San Francisco. Marc loved to cook and entertain family and friends. He enjoyed traveling. He will be missed. He lit up our lives!

submitted Jan. 10, 2011 1:01P
Jay R. Martino

Jerome "Jay" Raymond Martino MBA ’86, 54, of Cupertino, Calif., on Nov. 27. Jay was born in Waukegan, Ill. of Florence and Ray Martino. Jay was the eldest of four, followed by Ken, Julie and Karen. He attended Waukegan High School, and received his BS in Computer Engineering from University of Illinois. Upon graduating he moved to Silicon Valley in Calif. to begin his software engineering career. Jay worked as a software engineer for 20 years at such companies as Lockheed, Nynex, and IBM. He also received an MBA from Santa Clara University. In 1986 Jay married Linda Heller MBA ’87, and in 1988 they moved to Wilton, Conn., where their two lovely children, Kelley, currently in graduate school at San Francisco State University, and Dylan, currently a Junior at Sonoma State University were born. In 1994 Jay and Linda moved their family to Cupertino, Calif. Jay was a very proud and involved father, participating in Y Indian Princesses, Cub Scouts, and coaching soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. In 2000 Jay found his true calling when he received his teaching credential from Santa Clara University and began teaching 6th grade at Stevens Creek Elementary School in Cupertino. He moved to Cupertino Middle School in 2004, where he taught 6th grade math and social studies and coached softball. Along the way Jay made many lasting friendships and will be missed by many. He had a large family of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins and a special friend since high school, Scott Sunday of Libertyville, Ill., who will always love and remember him. He had a great time traveling around the world, visiting national parks, attending sporting events—including eight Olympics—and many music concerts and festivals. Jay was very active as a long distance cyclist, mountain biker, runner, skier, scuba diver, backpacker, and river rafter. Jay passed very unexpectedly, surrounded by Linda, his loving wife of 27 years, and his children Kelley and Dylan. He was preceded in death by his adored father Ray in 2002.

submitted Feb. 3, 2014 3:25P
James Tomich

James Tomich M.S. ’86, Aug. 15, 2013. A resident of San Jose, Jim Tomich died after a courageous battle with cancer. His family was at his side. Born Oct. 20, 1941, and raised in Sacramento, Jim went onto CSU Sacramento earning a B.S. in Electronic Engineering, an Environmental Studies Certificate from USC and an M.S., Computer Science from University of Santa Clara. In 1971, he joined the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, retiring as Supervising Air Quality Engineer in 2010. Jim and his wife Glow settled into suburban San Jose to enjoy an active lifestyle. He served as president of the BSA Owners Club of Northern California and won awards for his mortorcycle restoration excellence. In the mid-90s, Jim sponsored members of his extended family overseas seeking refuge from the war in Bosnia - a proud moment for his entire family. Jim is survived by his wife Glow-Renee, sons Tom and Mike and grandchildren Marco, William and Danielle. 

submitted Dec. 3, 2013 12:09P
Irene A. Radtke

 Sr. Irene A. Radtke M.A. '86, age 85, of Bridgeton, Mo., a Franciscan Sister of Mary for more than 60 years, passed away on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. She was born on Nov. 24, 1928, in Mineral Point, Wis., the daughter of Ernest and Mary Lylith (Gedye) Radtke. After graduating from St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing in Madison, she worked at St. Joseph's Hospital in Dodgeville until she entered the Sisters of St. Mary (SSM) on Aug. 12, 1953. She was known as Sr. Mary De Montfort until resuming her baptismal name later. In 1987, the SSM reunited with the Sisters of St. Francis of Maryville, Mo., as the Franciscan Sisters of Mary (FSM). She earned a BSN from St. Louis University (1959), a master's degree in hospital and health administration from the University of Iowa, Iowa City (1972), and an M.A. in counseling from Santa Clara University, Calif. (1986). She served as a nurse and nursing supervisor at SSM hospitals for many years and as executive director of St. Clare Hospital, Baraboo, and St. Mary's Hospital, Kansas City, Mo., and associate executive director of Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, St. Louis, Mo. In 1993, she founded Almost Home in St. Louis, providing transitional housing and education for homeless mothers under 18 and their children; she was executive director until 2002. Sr. Irene was preceded in death by her parents and brother, William. She is survived by her sister, Marjorie Beer of Sterling, Ill., and sister-in-law, Betty Radtke of Oregon, Wis. 

submitted Apr. 22, 2014 9:48P
GRD Leavey/MBA '86
Bruce Ruffin

Bruce Ruffin MBA '86 died on June 11, 2011 at O'Connor Hospital in San Jose at the age  of 54. For the past two years, Ruffin fought lung cancer showing those around him how precious each day is. He will be remembered fondly for his patience, quick wit, sense of humor, intelligence and friendly charm. Ruffin is survived by his devoted wife of 23 years Cheryl Koshiro, his adored children Travis Ruffin and Lauren Ruffin, his parents Paul Sr. and Leona Ruffin (Suffern, N.Y.), sisters Valerie Mathews (Nyack, N.Y.) and Lorna Conley (New Port Richey, Fla.), brother Paul Ruffin Jr. (Orange, N.J.), eleven nieces and nephews, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. Ruffin was born on December 13, 1956 to Paul and Leona Mae Ruffin in Suffern, N.Y. Raised in a military family, Ruffin attended various elementary schools, including ones in the San Francisco Bay area and the Philippines before his family settled in Spring Valley, N.Y. in 1968. He was a 1974 graduate of Spring Valley High School lettering in football and baseball. He then attended State University of New York, College at Oneonta where he received a Bachelors of Art in 1978. Driving himself out west, he settled in San Jose where he completed a Masters of Business Administration at Santa Clara University in 1986. He was employed at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc./AMDAHL in product management for 18 years. After leaving high tech, he enjoyed working as a tax consultant with H&R Block and insurance sales with Banker's Life and Casualty and All Care Insurance. Ruffin most enjoyed being involved with his children and always made it a point to support his children's various interests. This included coaching his son's baseball teams and supporting his daughter's interests in musical theater. Throughout his life, Ruffin was involved with baseball. As a youngster, Ruffin played Little League and as an adult played for several leagues. He coached baseball over ten years with various organizations such as the Evergreen Little League, Police Athletic League and Evergreen Valley high school in San Jose, California. "Coach Bruce" will always be remembered for his positive attitude and dedication to supporting not only his own children but to those he had the pleasure of coaching. An avid reader, Ruffin especially liked science fiction, history and science. He was a self described political junkie and his favorite TV channel was MSNBC. He was a loyal New York Yankees and San Jose Sharks fan.

submitted Aug. 29, 2011 2:56P


UGRD Arts & Sciences '87
Ulrike Katharina Johnson

Ulrike Katharina Johnson '87 on June 8, 2009 in Hawaii. Mrs. Ulrike "Bieni" Johnsonwas born October 16, 1965. She peacefully passed away June 8, at St. Francis Hospice after a valiant battle against cancer. She was the beloved wife to Robert M. Johnson and mother to 13-year-old Alicia and 10-year-old Ryan. The daughter of Mr. Adi Kohler and Mrs. Kathrin "Chacha" Kohler of Waimea, Hawaii and sister to Christian Kohler of Lincoln, Nebraska. Fittingly, her parents chose the nickname of Bieni, because even as a child, she was always "busy as a bee." Her parents, Adi and Chacha Kohler, hail from Germany and moved to America for Mr. Kohler's illustrious career in the hotel industry working for the Rockefellers on the Mainland, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. Bieni was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in Waimea on the Big Island, where she graduated from the Hawaii Preparatory Academy. She followed her father's footsteps in the hotel industry and worked for Ritz Carlton and Starwood Hotels after graduating from Santa Clara University. Since 2005, Bieni worked for technology leader Trex Enterprises Corporation. While attending Santa Clara University, Bieni met and married Robert Johnson and they have spent 25 wonderful years together. She instantly became a member of the large Johnson Ohana to include Bob's parents, seven brothers, two sisters and dozens of nieces and nephews. Bob's career with Johnson Bros. of Hawaii, Inc. brought them back to the Islands in 1988 spending 8 years on the Big Island and the past 13 years in Honolulu. Together they have raised two outstanding children--Alicia and Ryan. Bieni previously served as President of the Star of the Sea School Parent Teacher Guild where she was continuously honored for her hard work in raising funds for the school. She was passionately involved with her children's numerous sporting activities. She heightened everyone's awareness about cancer through her multiple fundraising efforts amongst friends and family. Bieni enjoyed many activities to include horseback riding, hula, soccer, family hikes and time with friends and family. Her personality was uplifting to all around her. She truly exuded a gracious, selfless and bubbly personality that many have come to love. She leaves a lasting impression on all of those who knew her. She will always be remembered.

submitted Jul. 8, 2009 2:31P
Todd Rodericks

Todd Alan Rodericks '87, passed away Dec. 7, 2011. A resident of Campbell, he was born and raised in San Jose where he spent much of his childhood on his grandparent's ranch in the Berryessa area. He attended Piedmont Hills High School and graduated from Santa Clara University.

He spent his career as a mechanical design engineer at such valley companies as Ford Aerospace, Polycom, Xerox PARC, Wyse, Digeo, Health-e-Tech, Tesla, Sun Power, Velodyne, and most recently NovaTorque.

Todd had an exuberant zest for life, a keen wit, was "the life of the party," had a passion for vintage Airstream trailers and all things automotive, and deeply loved his family, friends and dogs. Todd lived well and loved well! Todd was diagnosed with stomach cancer in September and recently lost his battle while surrounded by family and friends. He was the loving son of Beverly Rodericks and the late Roy Rodericks, brother to Garth (Leslie) Rodericks, and "favorite Uncle" of Tyler (20), Alyssa (19) & Kirslyn (15).

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Steven G. Jay

Steven Griffin Jay ’87, May 26, 2013. Beloved husband of Laura nee Hyndman. Loving father of Sarah, Margaret and Griffin Jay; dear son of Peter Michael and Maureen (nee Fleming) Jay; son-in-law of William Hyndman and Beverly Hyndman; brother of Sharon (David) Dukesherer, Robert Jay and Susan (Mark Cassayre) Jay; nephew, uncle and cousin of many. He was 47.

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GRD Jesuit School of Theology '87
Ronald Pusak

Fr. Ronald Pusak, a 1987 alumnus of the New Directions program, passed away on Jan. 12, 2012. He was born June 14, 1935.

submitted Apr. 5, 2012 4:47P
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