Santa Clara University

Benson Memorial Center


Apr 27, 2013
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Loyola Hall
Cost : $240 (total)

Aging and Relationships [LPCC] (both days are required)

Course # - CPSY x855
Loyola Hall Room 160
Credit Hours: 10
Course Objectives:
·         To get a clearer understanding of what aging actually is
·         As a therapist to be aware of the "red flags" that indicate a problematic reaction to the physical and emotional demands of aging (e.g. dementia and depression)
·         To learn to guide elders in forming a successful aging process
·         To be sensitive to the impact of relationships on the experience of aging
Course Description:
As the population ages, so does our practice. People born in the Great Depression, WWII and the post-war period have used counseling for problem solving over their lifespan. It is likely that they will turn to counseling to help them find their way through aging. Many of our clients will experience dementia, depression, anxiety, and other physical and mental problems. We must be aware of the "red flags" of problematic aging and guide them to appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
However, aging need not be only problematic. Even though physical change is inevitable, the experience of aging is not. We actually form our own aging by our thoughts, attitudes, and behavior. Counselors guide people to a mindful and transformative life.
One of the factors that determine the experience of aging is the quality of relationships. The relationships we will focus on will include not only marriage, but will also extend to the community and culture.
From his beginnings as a Health Psychologist, Dr. Hayes has been interested in how individuals form the experience of themselves. Bodies evolve and change. Aging certainly involves physical and psychological change. Yet individuals continue to create and maintain an identity, often transforming these changes into consciousness and growth. What is this formative process?
Dr. Hayes has taught Health Psychology as well as Clinical Assessment in a number of colleges and universities. He spent over thirty years at Santa Clara's Graduate Counseling Program.


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