Santa Clara University

Robert Finocchio       

Dean's Executive Professor of Management

Robert Finocchio, Dean's Executive Lecturer in ManagementRobert Finocchio is a corporate director, private investor, and part-time professor. He has overseen billions of dollars in business transactions. From 1997 to 1999 he served as President, CEO, and Chairman of Informix Corporation. He retired as Chairman of Informix in 2000. Prior to Informix, he spent 9 years at 3Com Corporation, most recently as President. He also served as President of ROLM Northern California for ten years. Finocchio serves on the boards of Altera Corporation, Echelon Corporation, Latitude Communications, Turnstone Systems, Upshot Corporation, PalmSource, and Redline Networks.

He is a trustee of Santa Clara University where he is also a Dean’s Executive Professor. He holds a BS from Santa Clara University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.



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