Santa Clara University

Management : Mission & Goals

The mission of the Management Department is to advance knowledge and practice in management, organizational design, and organizational strategy--with a special focus on producing ethical leaders for the global, highly technical environment of Silicon Valley and for the greater good of society.

The Department teaches undergraduate and masters level business school courses that provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of organizations, of individual and group behavior within organizations, and of strategic ways of positioning organizations in their industrial, social, legal, and international environments.

The Department is committed to broadening our understanding of these topics and of sharing this knowledge with our students, by researching the social and international environments of business, the strategic management of organizations, the organizational dynamics of information technologies, and managerial decision-making particularly within ethical frameworks.

The Department provides a distinctive service to the University through the leadership roles its members play in the University’s Centers of Distinction and Business School Admininstration and Institutes.

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