Santa Clara University

Audition Information


Please note that auditions will take place at the following times:

Chamber Singers - Tuesday Sept 18 at 4pm (Recital Hall)
Call back auditions - Thursday 20th at 4pm (Recital Hall)

Concert Choir - Wednesday Sept 19th at 4pm (Rehearsal Hall)

The Santa Clara University Concert Choir is open to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty by audition. Undergraduate students, who make up the majority of the ensemble, are eligible to receive academic credit (MUSC 42/142). Those who audition successfully are expected to study and perform standard choral repertoire. While academic class schedules are sometimes difficult to anticipate, it is desired that students who accept membership will make their best effort to maintain their availability throughout all three terms of the school year.

Singers interested in joining the ensemble should demonstrate proficiency in vocal development, sight reading ability, and a sense of artistry and musicality. Professor Colohan re-auditions the choir when classes begin in September of each academic year, at which time prospective members will sing together during the first week of rehearsal. Subsequent individual auditions will be scheduled as needed to establish sight-singing ability, vocal range, and vocal ability.

Musicians interested in joining the choir at SCU should contact Professor Colohan at


 Coming Soon: Audition Forms and Sample Syllabus
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