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a Cappella at Santa Clara

SCU A Cappella Club now encompasses four student-led a cappella ensembles that all rehearse and perform on campus.


Founded in 2006 by a group of music majors, Supertonic! is the oldest existing a cappella group at Santa Clara University. Though now composed of students with a variety of academic pursuits from each school within the university, we continue the processes of being very selective in choosing our group and setting high standards of musicianship for each of its members. At the same time, we also pride ourselves on being completely goofy and ridiculous, both on and off the stage. We are entirely self-governed, with no faculty direction in arranging, composing, learning, practicing, and performing. And, as with many singing groups, we have absolutely no shame in singing anything and everything, from Britney Spears to rap, Top 40 hits to old standards, and holiday carols to Michael Jackson!


Vocalicious was founded in spring 2010, and has grown from a small group of a cappella loving students into a family. We love performing a wide variety of music on stage (anything from jazz standards to "Thrift Shop" to Disney tunes) and are known for having a blast while doing so - we may or may not have used props and choreography in the past…Though many groups are just a collection of people who love a cappella, we truly are a group of close friends who happen to love harmonizing as much as we love each other's company. Our group has experienced musicians as well as beginners and many of our pieces are arranged by members of our group. We love working on a piece until everything comes together perfectly and we have a great time while doing so!


One of the newer groups on campus, Audiosync was formed in 2010 by music majors and minors along with music lovers. Audiosync keeps it classy by singing more traditional repertoire while also having fun with a range of musical genres, from songs by The Beatles to today's Top 40 hits, even Disney classics and the Super Mario Theme song. We are a diverse group of students with different musical backgrounds pursuing a vast range of studies on campus, and it is our mutual love for music and singing that brings us together. We love performing at various SCU activities, banquets, concerts, and occasionally off campus events as well!

Measure UP

Measure UP is the newest and only all female SCU a cappella group founded in the spring of 2012. We are passionate about our music, aren’t afraid to be silly, and sing EVERYTHING from Billy Joel, Beyonce, to BarlowGirl. Our mission is to create a loving community that enjoys making music and sharing it with others.


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