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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my academic attire?

You DO NOT order attire. By submitting your graduate response form attire is ordered for you. You simply purchase your cap and gown at the bookstore beginning June 3, 2013. Included with your purchase of attire, the bookstore will provide you with a packet of information including: 6 Commencement Tickets, your "name-to-be-read" card, and additional instructions.

Is there a rehearsal for commencement?

No rehearsal is scheduled. When you purchase your academic attire, you will receive an envelope which contains:

  • Information and instructions on how the ceremony will proceed. This information is quite detailed, so please read it carefully.  
  • A card with your name and number on it. The number indicates your place in line. During the ceremony, you will hand this card to the announcer, just before you walk across the stage. The announcer will use this card to announce your name.

When do I wear the academic attire?

You wear the academic attire only for the commencement ceremony.

Do my guests need tickets to attend the Commencement Ceremony?

Yes. The use of tickets for the Graduate Commencement Ceremony was instituted in order to give each family equal access to the ceremony. It is hoped that this procedure will result in a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Each graduating student will be allotted six tickets for Commencement. The doors will open at 7:00 p.m. on the evening of June 14, 2013. Unfortunately, we are prohibited from issuing additional tickets. However, a live video stream of the ceremony will be available online. Students may pick up their tickets and academic attire at the campus bookstore beginning June 3, 2013.

What do I receive when I cross the stage?

On stage, you will receive only your portfolio (diploma case). The diploma will be mailed to you by the Office of the Registrar once the completion of academic requirements has been verified. The mailings will begin in September for June graduates. Any questions about diplomas should be directed to Student Records directly at 408-554-4331.

How do we line up?

Students are lined up by College, School, or Division, (Arts, Business, Education, Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Ministries, and Engineering), then by Program, and finally in alphabetical order by last name.

What do the hoods signify?

The hoods signify several things:

  1. The level of the degree received. The bachelor's hood is 3 feet long, the master's degree is 3.5 feet long, and the doctor's degree is 4 feet long.
  2. The college or university granting the degree. The satin lining the inside of the hood reflects the school colors, so SCU hoods are cardinal and white.
  3. The area of study. The velvet designates the field of study, white for arts, golden yellow for sciences, drab (tan) for business, and orange for engineering.

Do I need a parking permit for Graduate Commencement?

No parking permits are needed for Graduate Commencement.

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