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2013 Faculty Awards

At the Santa Clara University Faculty Recognition event held September 17, 2013, the School of Engineering was the shining star as a number of our faculty members were honored for their distinct and far-reaching contributions to the School and to the University. Congratulations to:

Shoba Krishnan (electrical engineering), Presidential Special Recognition Award - For her passionate work in the School of Engineering and for carrying out the mission of the University, Shoba was selected for this award. Her stringent design review process for senior design, collaborations with Silicon Valley semiconductor companies as well as other entities on campus, championing of women and other traditionally underrepresented groups in engineering, and work with student organizations were cited in the announcement.

Tim Healy (electrical engineering), Presidential Award for Exemplary Service – Tim was selected for this award for a number of reasons: for having initiated and developed the Latimer Energy Laboratory, for being “a key figure in supporting innovative, thoughtful and student-centered teaching on our campus for decades,” and for his work as shepherd of the School of Engineering’s visioning process—a role he was chosen for because of his “breadth of judgment, historical perspective, foresight and sense of fairness…”

Ed Maurer (civil engineering), Award for Recent Achievement in Scholarship – During the past 5 years, Ed (whose research relates to large-scale modeling of land surface processes, hydrologic modeling, and climate change effects on water resources) has published 23 articles and currently has 8 manuscripts pending review. He is in demand as an invited speaker at nationally-significant venues and collaborates with prominent investigators from institutions around the world. His 2011 sabbatical was spent as a Fulbright Scholar at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and he was recently appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Water Resources Association. In granting this award, Ed was lauded as “a model teaching scholar.”

Also recognized for special accomplishment during the past year were:

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering) was named associate editor of the International Journal of Science in Society.

Mahantesh Hiremath (mechanical engineering> was selected ASME Congressional Fellow to serve the U.S. Congress and White House for 2013-14.

Nam Ling (computer engineering) and his team of student researchers had their work on 3D High Efficiency Video Coding adopted as the normative (required) international standard for 3D coding beginning January 2015.

And, finally:

Samiha Mourad (electrical engineering) was honored with the Faculty Senate Professor Award which recognizes “those who have made a contribution to the Santa Clara University academic community through excellence in scholarship and teaching, as well as a commitment to the values of the University." For more than 25 years, Sami has inspired and benefited the University community. A few of her many accomplishments: first Clare Booth Luce Fellow at SCU, current William and Janice Terry Professor of Electrical Engineering, more than 100 publications in prominent journals and conferences, authored 3 engineering textbooks, supervised and mentored 10 Ph.D. students, IEEE Fellow, Associate Dean for Graduate Engineering (1993-98), EE department chair (2003-09), international lecturer, curriculum innovator, mentor to countless women engineers. Most recently, Sami has worked tirelessly to grow our graduate level sustainable engineering program which now includes an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Sustainable Engineering and a Certificate in Renewable Energy.

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