Santa Clara University


School of Engineering Centennial Awards

Thursday, April 26, 2012
5 p.m.
St. Clare Room, Learning Commons

Flyer (PDF)

Luminaries from the past 100 years of Santa Clara engineering are feted in a brief awards ceremony followed by a champagne reception and opening of the School of Engineering's Centennial Archives Exhibit. Come and be part of history!

William J. Adams '37
William N. Carrico '72
William S. Carter '71, '95
Michael L. Hackworth '63
Jack D. Kuehler '54, '86
Jeffrey A. Miller '73, '76
John L. Ocampo '79
Eugene A. Ravizza '50
Dragoslav Siljak
George Sullivan
William E. Terry '55
Maynard G. Webb

Read why the awardees were selected.

Visit the School of Engineering Centennial Website.

More on the archives exhibit (pdf).


Watch the Centennial Awards Ceremony.

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