Santa Clara University



In the spring of 2006, the School of Engineering initiated an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in bioengineering. The program offered a Bioengineering concentration within the General Engineering degree and a minor in Biomedical Engineering (sponsored jointly by the School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences). The rapid growth in enrollment and a continuous increasing popularity and demand from our students warranted a bioengineering major degree program. To this end, a proposal to transform the bioengineering concentration into a Bioengineering Major was submitted early 2009 for reviews and was approved by the Board of Trustees in the June of 2009.

The new Bioengineering major is designed to prepare students for careers in the medical-device and biotechnology industries, for graduate study in bioengineering, or entry into medical school. This is achieved by integrating the necessary background in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics with engineering analysis and design.

Consistent with the University’s goals of Competence, Conscience and Compassion, the embodiment of the major’s goals through its requirements structure will produce graduates who are not only proficient in engineering and biosciences, but also equipped with an understanding of, and sensitivity to, the impact of the bioengineering practice on society, and the ethical issues related to its use.

The University's Silicon Valley location is home to many of the most innovative biotechnology and medical device companies in the world, which provides ample opportunity for internships and the real-world industrial and technical experience required to succeed in this burgeoning field.