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University Governance

University Budget Council


The purpose of the University Budget Council is to develop the annual macro budget in the context of long-range financial planning.


The charge of the University Budget Council is to:

1. Participate in the development of the annual macro budget for approval by the President prior to final approval by the Board of Trustees.
2. Ensure that the annual budget represents all major revenues and expenditures, is balanced, and is consistent with long-range financial projections based on careful analysis of program, enrollment, market, compensation, and other relevant trends.
3. Prepare and periodically update assumptions to guide financial planning.
4. Review and refine financial projections and planning scenarios developed by the Budge Office.
5. Ensure that adequate communication about budgetary issues and procedures occurs within the University community.


The University Budget Council reports to the President and is chaired by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.  It includes the Provost, the University Relations Vice President , the Finance Associate Vice President, the University Planning and Administration Vice Provost, the Budget Director, the Marketing and Communications Associate Vice President, the President-Elect of the Faculty Senate, and the President of the Staff Senate. In addition, it includes one faculty member appointed to a three-year term, renewable once, and one dean.

  • Michael Hindery, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Chair
  • Amy Connell, Assistant Provost, Finance and Administration
  • Diane Dreher, Faculty Senate President-Elect, 2015-16
  • Harry Fong, Associate Vice President, Finance
  • Ed Ryan, Vice Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dennis Jacobs, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • James Lyons, Vice President, University Relations
  • Robin Reynolds, University Budget Director
  • Jane Barrantes, Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services
  • Jenny Sullivan, Alumni Relations, Staff Senate President, 2015-16
  • Debbie Tahmassebi, Dean, Arts and Sciences, 2015-16
  • Hersh Shefrin, Finance, 2015-18
  • Michael Sexton, Vice President, Enrollment Management

2012-13 Year-End Report

2014-15 Year-End Report

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