Advisory Board

The role of the board is to give input on issues affecting the quality of the Center’s programs; to assist in planning, reviewing, and implementing strategic and operational plans; to give direction in helping the Center stay connected to its stakeholders; to promote the Center in the broader community; and to lend assistance in raising funds.



Margaret Taylor, Chair



Thomas Kelly, Vice-Chair




Geraldine Beasley



Patricia Boitano



James Burns



Simon Chin



Michael Engh, S.J.



Fred Ferrer



Javier Gonzalez



Michael Hack



Cathy Horan-Walker



Michael McCarthy, S.J.



Katie McCormick



Denny McShane, M.D.



Russell Murphy



Saasha Orsi



William Rewak, S.J.



Jason Rodriguez



Richard Saso



Robert Scholla, S.J.



Gary Serda



Mary Nally Ternan



Catherine Wolff



Michael Zampelli, S.J.


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