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Students Selected for "Path to Peace" Seminar

Monday, Apr. 22, 2013

Students Selected for "Path to Peace" Seminar
I have the privilege of again sending two students to an annual symposium on Catholic social teaching sponsored by the Path to Peace Foundation.  Carlos Martinez ’15, a double major in Political Science and Religious Studies, and Alexander Nauman ’15 majoring in Operations Management and Information Systems will attend this year’s week-long seminar in New York City in May.  Hosted by the Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations, the 2013 seminar will focus on the 50th Anniversary of the publication of the Encyclical Letter Pacem in Terris by Blessed John XXIII. 

Through interviews, tours, and in-depth discussions with dignitaries of the United Nations, former ambassadors to the Holy See, renowned authors and other officials, our students learn that on the global stage Catholic social teaching has a critical part to play in decision-making among leaders. The sessions help participants consider ways to apply economic thought, political thought, and ethical thought to Catholic social teaching as they discuss global issues. These learned insights are in perfect keeping with and extensions of their Santa Clara education. Opportunities like these help students expand their worldview and consider the rich and challenging traditions of Catholic social teaching and their faith.

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