Santa Clara University


New Tenure-Stream Faculty Appointments

Please welcome the 16 new tenure-stream faculty joining the University in Fall 2010.

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  1. Naomi Andrews (History)
  2. Christopher Bacon (Environmental Studies)
  3. Justin Boren (Communication)
  4. Maria Del Socorro Castaneda-Liles (Religious Studies)
  5. Karen Fraser (Art and Art History)
  6. Sharmila Lodhia (Women’s and Gender Studies)
  7. George Mohler (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  8. Daniel Turkeltaub (Classics)
  • Leavey School of Business
  1. Ye Cai (Finance)
  2. Sanjay Jain (Management)
  3. Jaume Villanueva (Management)
  4. Ravi Shanmugam (Marketing)
  5. Arunima Sinha (Economics)
  • School of Engineering
  1. Ahmed Amer (Computer Engineering)
  2. Daniel Strickland (Mechanical Engineering)
  • School of Law
  1. David Hasen

Maria Castaneda-Liles, who is joining the Department of Religious Studies, received her undergraduate degree in Sociology (with minors in Ethnic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies) from Santa Clara University.

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