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A monthly update from the Center for Sustainability for the Santa Clara University community.

  •  John Farnsworth, Lecturer in Environmental Writing and Literature

    Monday, Jun. 1, 2009
    John Farnsworth, Lecturer in Environmental Writing and Literature, has been an key figure in integrating sustainability across the curriculum at SCU. Thanks to his work, more and more sustainability-related classes are offered each year.
  •  News

    Monday, Jun. 1, 2009

    Many ways to reduce landfill waste during move-out

    Campus residents have many options to divert waste during move-out! Give yourself ample time to pack so you can plan the best way to dispose of your waste. Please read below and visit our Move-Out waste reduction page to learn more.

    Tons of waste are created during campus move-out. Together, our individual actions to sort our stuff during move-out adds up to a gigantic decrease in trash produced this week. In the last three years alone, students have diverted over 10 tons of materials by giving reusable items to Goodwill, setting their carpet aside, and donating food and text books.

    Recycling: Recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum. There are six recycling areas during move-out. Read your building's instructions to find the recycling area nearest you.

    Carpets: Clean, roll, and leave your carpets at the carpet collection areas so they can be reused next year. Carpet collection areas are located near your building's trash container.

    Electronic waste (e-waste): Please don't throw away anything with an electric cord or battery. Please leave your old electronics at the e-waste collection signs so they can be recycled.

    Food: Donate food to Second Harvest Food Bank through the Library's Food For Fines program.

    Reusable Items: Donate good but unwanted items to Goodwill Industries of Silicon Valley. Goodwill trailers are parked in two areas: Accolti Way (between Casa and San Filippo) and Santa Clara Street (near McLaughlin). Drop-off donations with staff at the Goodwill Trailers between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday (6/8) through Thursday (6/11).

    Faculty, staff, and off-campus residents are encouraged to bring donations to the Goodwill Trailers this week.

    Off-campus residents may also use the designated recycling and waste area in the parking lot behind Sobrato.

    AASHE Student Sustainability Leadership Award

    The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is now accepting applications for its 2009 Student Sustainability Leadership Awards, to be presented the Greening of the Campus VIII Conference (Sept. 20-23 in Indianapolis, IN). This award honors an undergraduate student from an AASHE member institution who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting campus sustainability.

    SCU senior Beth Tellman received an Honorable Mention in 2008.

    Applications are due July 1, 2009.

    Take the SCU sustainability pledge: Beyond Green

    Join SCU students, faculty, and staff in a pledge to go "Beyond Green." Sustainability is more than simply being "green;" we must integrate the ideals of ecological integrity, viable economies, and social justice. The first step is recognizing that our actions affect everyone.

    Joining Beyond Green encourages personal commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, empowering us to understand the implications of our daily decisions. It also encourages us to continuously ask questions and critically appraise our institutions, values, and knowledge.

  •  What Can I Do?

    Monday, Jun. 1, 2009
    During commencement celebrations
  •  BMW product pitch contest

    Friday, May. 1, 2009
    The recent BMW Product Pitch Contest challenged students to conceive and pitch a new product concept for BMW's Mini Cooper brand for a grand prize of $500. The winning team, Crash Test Dummies, was made up of sophomore psychology major Clare Wylie, sophomore biology major Todd Bruschwein, sophomore Mechanical Engineers Nick Greos, Kadee Mardula, and Michael Calcagno.
  •  News & Events

    Friday, May. 1, 2009
    Free electronic waste drive & drop-off | AASHE Student Sustainability Leadership Award | Ignatian Center's Explore discusses sustainability at SCU
  •  Elizabeth DiCarlo, Class of '09

    Friday, May. 1, 2009
    Since this past June, when she read an article about a bike share program at Emory University in Atlanta, Elizabeth (Bea) DiCarlo has acquired the support of numerous faculty and staff, four partners, and, for the Santa Clara students, eight bicycles. Bronco Bikes' first month has been a great success, enabling students to have a fun, healthy, and sustainable alternative to driving.
  •  What Can I Do?

    Friday, May. 1, 2009
    Throw a more sustainable party.
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    Friday, May. 1, 2009

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