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Walk Across California

Posted on Friday, May. 4, 2012
Walk Across California is a new class offered this spring at Santa Clara University that takes students on a 15-day walk across the state from Ocean Beach near San Francisco to Yosemite Valley. Read about the inspiration for the class, the issues students will be learning about and discussing, and how the class creatively combines arts and social justice. Read More »

Andrew Noonan, Class of 2014

Posted on Friday, May. 4, 2012
Into the Wild is a group that gives students who are passionate about the outdoors opportunities to go on hikes, camping trips, and to take part in other adventurous activities. Learn how Andrew Noonan, Class of 2014 and current Into the Wild President got involved, what the club is currently planning, and what he hopes for the club in the future. Read More »

News and Events

Posted on Friday, May. 4, 2012
Casa wins community bikes | Submit Sustainability Champion nominations | Sustainable study abroad tip sheets | Office of Sustainability Hiring Intern for 2012-13 | Recycle handheld devices at Bronco Baseball games | SCU Green Jobs and Career Network | Swap for Good: Donate now through Friday, Shop Monday 5/14 | "Vincent Who?" discussion with director Curtis Chin | Screening of The Cove | Roelandts Grant Poster Session | CSTS Speaker: Drew Endy, Ph.D., BioBricks Foundation | The Fine Line: Freedom of Speech vs. 1st Amendment Rights | Define American: Undocumented Immigration and the Future of the Country | WEST (Water Energy Smart Technology) Summit. Read More »

Did you Know?

Posted on Friday, May. 4, 2012
It's planting time. Stop by the plant sale at the Forge Garden on Thursday 5/10 to get starters for your (or your Mom's garden). Read More »

What Can I Do?

Posted on Friday, May. 4, 2012
Tips to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect in the great outdoors. REDUCE: Exercise outdoors | REUSE: Avoid paper plates and plastic utensils at BBQs | RECYCLE: Make sure to recycle food packaging when camping | RESPECT: Leave no trace when camping and hiking. Read More »


Posted on Friday, May. 4, 2012
Future Sustainability Updates will continue to be distributed to SCU students, faculty, and staff through non-Essential SCU Global E-Mail Distribution Lists. If you are not a student, faculty, or staff member at SCU (or are part of the SCU community, but not on the non-Essential lists) and wish to receive future Sustainability Updates, please join our Sustainability at SCU e-mail list. Read More »