LEAD Scholars Program

The LEAD (Leadership, Excellence, and Academic Development) Scholars Program provides first-generation college students admitted to the program with a foundation for their college success. The program forms a community of undergraduate peers, staff, and faculty dedicated to rigorous academic achievement, student leadership, and community engagement. The LEAD Scholars Program supports and challenges students throughout their time at SCU. The majority of LEAD Scholars join as incoming students and participate in LEAD Week, which takes place the week immediately preceding the beginning of the fall term. First-year students take ENGL 1A and 2A together, as well as two LEAD seminars, which focus on optimizing the transition to college. Transfer students take an upper-division seminar, which focuses on opportunities and challenges for transfer students. Current students can apply to join LEAD after they are enrolled at SCU and also take an upper-division seminar to maximize their SCU experience. The LEAD Scholars Program also requires students to take a vocational exploration course to help them prepare for life beyond graduation. Students who started at SCU in their first year, take this course in their sophomore or junior year. Transfer students take this course in their junior or senior year.

LEAD scholars can participate in LEAD student leadership positions, as well as a range of social and academic events, such as alumni networking, community-building events, and outreach to families and K12 students. For more information about courses offered by the LEAD Scholars Program, see Chapter 6.