Musical Theatre

Director: Jeffrey Bracco

The Musical Theatre Minor offers experience and training in music, theatre, and dance, as well as musical theatre history. The objectives of this program include entry-level proficiency for a career in performance, enhancement in teaching, or further training in graduate school; audition techniques; performance of acting, singing, and theatrical dance; and knowledge of the cultural history and various forms of musical theatre. Students may, through repertoire choices decided in consultation with their instructors, focus their vocal work with emphasis on a Broadway or more Opera style.

Requirements for the Minor

All students must complete the following:

  • Music Theory: One course each in Music Theory and Aural Skills.
    Suggested: MUSC 1 and 1A. Placement tests may be taken to determine if a higher level is appropriate.
  • Singing: MUSC 34, and three quarters of on-campus private voice instruction. (Placement test required. If placement test determines a higher level of proficiency, an additional three quarters of on-campus private voice instruction may be substituted for the MUSC 34 requirement.)
  • Acting: One of THTR 8, 10, or 24.
  • Dance:
    - Four units in Dance Technique (DANC 40-47 or higher level depending upon proficiency). DANC 40 and 41 (or higher level depending upon proficiency) recommended for those interested in Broadway.
    - DANC 55/155

In addition to the above, students must complete two of the following:

  • THTR 123, or THTR 165, or THTR 80/180, or MUSC 53/153