SCU•Presents Performing Arts Center

SCU•Presents, the Performing Arts Center at Santa Clara University, is dedicated to the enhancement of arts education, where artists are central to our creative culture; the advancement of Arts for Social Justice (ASJ) programs, which create a catalyst for change in our society; and the presentation of a rich program of diverse professional artists and art forms for campus and the Silicon Valley community.

SCU•Presents supports Santa Clara University students, faculty, and staff in the performing and visual arts by promoting the arts through a variety of programs, furnishing resources to academic departments, and serving the local community by encouraging and supporting the creative expression of Silicon Valley artists by providing performance space for local arts organizations.

SCU•Presents Arts for Social Justice (ASJ)

SCU•Presents Arts for Social Justice is a collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative, whose mission is to raise awareness about critical issues addressing the human condition through the creation and participation in a wide variety of art forms, both on and off campus, which fosters dialogue and action in the community.

ASJ Partnership Program

ASJ partners with students, faculty, and staff through in-kind and financial support by supplying the means and opportunity to be a catalyst for change through the creation of performing and visual arts programming and projects.

ASJ Educational Program

ASJ brings professional artists to the campus and aims to enrich the educational experience found at SCU by enlightening, encouraging, and engaging the SCU community in dialogue.

ASJ Community Outreach

ASJ aims to create interactive, multidisciplinary, arts programming to address issues of social justice, such as racism, homelessness, immigration, the environment, and bullying in our schools and community.