Undergraduate Degrees

The College of Arts and Sciences confers the degree of bachelor of arts in art history, chemistry, classics, communication, English, French and Francophone studies, history, individual studies, Italian studies, music, philosophy, religious studies, Spanish studies, studio art, theatre arts, and women's and gender studies. The college also confers the bachelor of science in anthropology, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, child studies, computer science, economics, engineering physics, environmental science, environmental studies, ethnic studies, individual studies, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, political science, psychology, public health science, and sociology.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

To qualify, students must complete a minimum of 175 quarter units of credit, at least 60 of which must be upper-division, and satisfy the requirements of the undergraduate Core Curriculum and the major. There are no additional college requirements.

Minors in the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers minors in African American studies, anthropology, Asian American Studies, art history, biology, chemistry, classics, communication, computer science, creative writing, dance, economics, English, ethnic studies, environmental studies, French and Francophone studies, history, Italian studies, Japanese studies, Latina/o/x Studies, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, political science, professional writing, public health, religious studies, sociology, Spanish studies, studio art, theatre, theatre design and technology, and women’s and gender studies. Descriptions of the minors and associated requirements can be found in the appropriate department or program section of this chapter.

In addition, the college administers interdisciplinary minors in Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern studies; Asian studies; biotechnology; Catholic studies; international studies; Latin American studies; Premodern studies; musical theatre; sustainability; and urban education. Descriptions of the interdisciplinary minors and the associated requirements are provided in the Interdisciplinary Minors and Other Programs of Study section at the end of this chapter.