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University Records

University records are the permanent historical records of Santa Clara University, from its founding in 1851 to the present. The records document the governance, administration and academic pursuits of the institution.

The records are organized into record groups (RG) according to their office of origin, and include:

RG2 Board of Trustees
RG3 General University - includes the Presidents papers, Commencement programs, ministers logs, and Catala Club records, among others.
RG4 Academic Administration and Support - includes office files of the Provost, Vice Provosts, and Academic Vice President.
RG5 Student Development
RG6 Business and Finance - includes Property records, Treasurer's records, and records of administrative services.
RG7 University Relations - includes records of the Alumni Office, Golden Circle Theatre Party, Kenna Club, and records of Vice President.
RG20 College of Arts & Sciences
RG22 School of Law
RG23 School of Engineering
RG24 School of Business

Also available for research are publications including The Santa Clara (1923-present), Redwood (1903-present), The Owl, as well as course catalogs and bulletins (1854-present), and University news releases. University records also include extensive photographs of students, faculty, events, and the University campus (1855-present). An oral history collection supplements information provided by these documents.

University records are available for research within the context of the University Records Access Policy.