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Congratulations to NPI Class of 2015!

We hope you carry your commitment to community engagement into your future endeavors.

 Krishan Allen   Alex Nauman 
 Hailey Bazlen   David Nola 
 Teddy Chivetta   Alex Pennington 
 Sebastian Custodia   Kennan Roberts 
 Bridget Durant  Sean Roe 
 Karisma Garcia-Valencia   Trevor Romele
 Wil Gotcher   Gonzalo Salguero
 Meagan Hardy   Jessica Sullivan
 Anthony Hascheff   Peter Thai
 Adrian Hirt   Katherine Usavage
 Zac Laval    Erica Valle
 Blake Leamy  

Welcome to the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative

Launched in January 2012, the LSB Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) provides opportunities for students to contribute to, and learn from, businesses, individuals and organizations in low income neighborhoods in the San Jose area around issues of economic prosperity. Funded and housed in the Leavey School of Business, NPI is part of SCU's larger Place-based Initiative.

The dual goals of NPI are:

  • Provide hands on, community-based learning opportunities for LSB undergraduate students to use their business education to contribute to prosperity in low income neighborhoods.Through these experiences students will also gain perspectives on social justice and community engagement, and how they can incorporate these into their lives during and post-SCU.
  • In collaboration with community partners, contribute time, energy, knowledge and creativity to activities that foster economic prosperity for individuals, organizations and businesses in low income neighborhoods in San Jose.

Yolanda's Market

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NPI Video

View a recent video about the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative »

2011-2012 SCU President's Report:
See Page 20


 Ignatian Center

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