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The NPI Fellows are students who participate in an internship with our NPI community partners. There are a total of five internships that are offered each quarter. These are the testimonies of students who have interned.


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Hailey Bazlen, '15 (Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits)

2014 NPI Fellow
Hometown: Woodinville, WA
Interest/Hobbies: I love horseback riding, skiing, hiking, and camping.

Give a brief summary of your responsibilities/tasks in the internship:
At Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) I worked with marketing and communication orientated tasks. I developed and implemented a social media plan for SVCN which included generating meaningful, relevant, and original posts for SVCN and HandsOn Tech Silicon Valley's social media platforms. Additionally, I helped promote events, updated the websites, and even co-hosted a social media webinar with a coworker.

How do you think you made positive contributions to the department/organization?
Every day the digital network of SVCN and HandsOn Tech supporters is growing. I was able to significantly raise the number of fans on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google + which provides the organizations with more engaged followers. The goal of this engagement is advocacy, meaning that the people who follow the organization are likely to actively support your cause. I helped SVCN and HandsOn Tech get their names out there so more people would know about the organizations and there would be greater attendance at the events.

In what ways did this experience enhance or connect to what you are learning in your LSB courses?
Before this internship, I had only had academic experience with marketing. This position gave me the opportunity to do marketing in an independent and flexible atmosphere. I was able to find new skills by independently creating the social media plan, and my coworkers were very flexible with ideas of where I could take it. I began to notice that when I would learn something particularly interesting in my business classes, I would wonder how it relates to SVCN. I feel much more confident in my marketing and business skills after this internship.

What was the most beneficial aspect of this experience for you?
The team I worked with and the independence they gave me were the most beneficial aspects. When I first began working at SVCN, I was nervous about posting live content to the websites and social media pages. By the end of my internship, I was confident enough to teach people how to make the most effective use of social media marketing. While a lot of what I did was independent work, the internship would not have been the same without the great team I worked with. All of my coworkers trusted me and were so passionate about their job. The team also always included me in trips such as a technology training events at LinkedIn. Together, the independence that I was given and the great team that I worked with were the most beneficial aspects of this experience.


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