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Career Development

At Santa Clara University, we challenge students to explore three key vocation discernment questions.
  1. What brings me joy?
  2. Am I good at these things?
  3. Does anybody in the world need me to do these things?
Students are supported by staff and faculty across campus in discerning their gifts and talents and ways to apply them in the world.
  • counselingCareer Counseling

    Professional career counselors assist students with discernment through assessments and activities that help students articulate their strengths and interests and how to apply them in the world.

  • nonprofitCareers for the Common Good

    This 2-unit Career Center course exposes students to the realities and injustices in the world through guest speakers and community based learning, and then provides students with the resources and discernment tools to connect their interests to particular careers.

  • socialVocation Pathway

    In addition to declaring a major, students choose a cluster of classes, called a Pathway, focused on a topic of interest to them. Check out the “Associated Courses” in the Vocation Pathway.

  • volunteerCampus Ministry Retreats

    Every year undergraduates are invited to spend a weekend asking the big questions of vocation: What brings me joy? What are my gifts? Who does the world need me to be?


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