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Understand Insurance and Waiver


Students at Santa Clara University can get all of their healthcare needs met through the university's student health insurance.  To waive your Insurance Click here

Need Help With Crisis


Our Services include Student Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services. We provide a mental health evaluation for our students. Learn More

Watch videos on SCU ULifeline for help with alcohol drugs, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, borderline personality disorders, cutting, depression, eating disorders, emotional healthSchizophrenia, stress, suicidal behavior

For exclusive articles, news and videos for health and wellness read Student health101.


New Student Information

We want to make sure you access the necessary information, health insurance requirements and steps that all new students must complete. Here are some quick links: SCU Health Insurance Information,  SCU Insurance Waiver accessImmunization Record Form,  Medical Health History FormContact us with any of your questions!