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Counseling Psychology student earns Research Excellence Grant

Counseling Psychology student earns Research Excellence Grant

Maximilian Kubota, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology student in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology, has received a Research Excellence Grant. The grant is awarded to those who seek to contribute to research in the field of Psychology. Max received the award in relation to a study he conducted with Professor Dave Feldman. Max and Dr. Feldman were invited to present the findings of their study at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (Division 9 of APA) annual conference in February 2014 held in Austin, Texas.

Study Abstract

Research shows that Snyder's (1994) goal-directed hope construct predicts college GPA. However, studies have documented relatively weak relationships between these variables, possibly because hope was measured generally, not based upon one's academic-specific goals. Additionally, studies have not accounted for the variance in GPA and its impact on hope relative to other goal-directed expectancy constructs. In a cross-sectional sample of 89 college students, we administered the Hope Scale, Domain Specific Hope Scale (academic subscale), General Self-Efficacy Scale, Academic Self-Efficacy Scale, Life Orientation Test-Revised (optimism), among others. We tested for a path-analytic model where academic-specific expectancies (e.g., academic hope, academic self-efficacy) have direct paths to GPA, and generalized expectancies (e.g., general hope, general self-efficacy) have paths to these academic-specific variables. This model demonstrated a good fit, CFI = .995, RMSEA = .04. Generalized hope predicted academic-specific hope and academic self-efficacy, both of which then predicted GPA. Optimism and general self-efficacy did not predict academic-specific expectancy variables nor GPA.


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