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  • The SECP Receives Leadership Gift from Sobrato-Brisson Family

    ECP alumna Sheri Sobrato Brisson MA ’94, and Eric Brisson have made a generous gift to the School of Education and Counseling Psychology for the establishment of the largest endowed chair in the history of Santa Clara University. In addition to the creation of the endowed chair in child and adolescent mental health, the gift provides funding to support research, a new specialization in child and adolescent mental health, community outreach, and thought leadership programming related to this critical area.

  • Santa Clara University Launches EdD in Social Justice Leadership

    To further its commitment to social justice and empower the next generation, Santa Clara University’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology’s Doctor of Education (EdD) in Social Justice Leadership program seeks to attract students who desire executive-level leadership positions in a wide variety of mission-driven organizations. The EdD program that was recently approved by the Board of Trustees expands the school’s Educational Leadership program and furthers its ability to prepare mission-driven professionals with doctoral-level preparation to lead and serve the Bay Area’s educational and community-based organizations. An inaugural cohort of 20 students will begin the three-year degree program in September 2021.  

    Request information from the admissions team to stay informed about this program, read the EdD Announcement, or join us at an upcoming event.  

  • How to Address the Teacher Shortage and Support Educators

    In this Q&A interview, Kathy Stoehr, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential Program (MATTC) at Santa Clara University’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology shares her perspective and expertise on overcoming the teacher shortage facing our nation and ways to support educators with our Senior Assistant Dean, Jana Hee.


  • Ling Lam, PhD - Counseling Psychology

    The Power of Feeling Safe

    SCU Counseling Psychology faculty member Ling Lam presents a TEDx Talk for TEDx Belmont Shore on the Power of Feeling Safe: How Kindness Restores Reslience.  Polyvagal Theory is the science of feeling safe. When we don't feel safe, our body activates survival programs that can also create suffering. This talk explores the interconnectedness of resilience, safety, and kindness - and how in each moment through acts of kindness and the power of feeling safe, we can restore the intrinsic resilience in our body.

  • Professor Dale Larson, PhD • Counseling Psychology

    In Conversation About Teen Mental Health, Emotional Healing, and Resilience

    SCU professor of counseling pscyhology professor Dale Larson speaks with Digging Deep Founder, Sheri Sobrato about the the importance of mental health as well as what parents, teachers, and professionals can do to work with teenagers and young adults to guide emotional well being and resilience. 

  • Professor Shauna Shapiro, PhD • Counseling Psychology

    Mindfulness, In Miniature

    SCU psychology professor Shauna Shapiro produces mini mindfulness videos to help first-responders during the pandemic

  • Assistant Professor Kathy Stoehr, PhD & Lecturer Keith Yocam, MA • Education

    Teaching Teachers

    How Santa Clara University prepares future teachers as the coronavirus pandemic drastically alters education

  • Assistant Professor Sherry Wang, PhD • Counseling Psychology

    How to Contain the Virus of Racism During Coronavirus Outbreak

    Being Asian in the midst of coronavirus means being scared for our health while simultaneously facing unpredictable racism and xenophobia. So, how do we cope? Assistant Professor Sherry Wang offers strategies in an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

  • Professor David Feldman, PhD • Counseling Psychology

    Grief in the Time of Coronavirus

    In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a lot of grief to go around.

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