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Information for International Applicants

The School of Education and Counseling Psychology welcomes applicants from around the world. In addition to the General Requirements an international applicant must fulfill the specific requirements stated below.


English Proficiency Exam

A TOEFL score of 90 or above or IELTS score of 6.5 or above is required for international students who completed their post-secondary education in a language other than English. TOEFL or IELTS may be waived if your Bachelor’s (and Master’s, if applicable) were completed at institutions in which English is the primary language of instruction. However, all applicants may be asked to provide further evidence of English proficiency as needed.

International Education Evaluation

Transcript evaluations are required by one of the approved NACES agencies. Applicants to the Master of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential (MATTC) program should have their transcripts evaluated by one of the agencies approved by the CTC. Please note, transcript evaluations must include the degree equivalency and U.S. GPA equivalency. We recommend the course-by-course evaluation report; CA Foreign Transcript Evaluation Form.

Proof of Funds

United States visa regulations require proof that sufficient funds are available to finance your travel, living expenses, and program study. Please refer to the International Student Services website for an up-to-date estimate of the cost associated with a full year of academic study in the ECP.

After the receipt of the official acceptance letter, the student should contact the Graduate Admissions Office for the I-20 documentation to apply for a F-1 student visa. When this is completed it will be forwarded to the International Student Services Office.

International students for MATTC program are eligible to apply only in regular Fall and Winter quarters.

Important note on H4 visa holders:

The spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 of an H1-B visa (temporary work visa for the highly skilled) holder are awarded the H4 visa for their stay in the US. An H4 visa holder is not allowed to undertake employment in the US, but an H4 visa holder can pursue education. It is possible to convert an H4 visa to F1 visa (student visa) for full-time education at an academic institution recognized by the USCIS (Immigration and Naturalization Service).

International students should understand that licensure is not part of the degree but rather the degree is preparation for the license exam. International students should carefully consider whether their immigration status allows for sufficient post-graduation employment necessary to complete the California State requirements for licensure. While some immigration statuses may enable a student to complete the 3,000 hours post-graduation training required by the State of California for licensure, students on the F-1 visa are allowed a maximum of 1-year post-graduation employment and this time is not sufficient for completing the requirements for licensure.

Therefore, while an F-1 student may choose to complete the academic program, his/her F-1 immigration status will not permit completion of the 3,000 hours of supervised clinical hours required to obtain licensure. 

Mandatory Health Insurance

International students are required to show proof of health insurance coverage to waive purchase of the University plan.

University's Health Insurance Policies and options

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