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Centers and Partnerships

Our Centers and Partnerships embody the idea that educators must innovate and move beyond standard practices by using cutting edge technological and pedagogical methodologies to achieve maximum impact on students, teachers, administrators and coaches. Our programs represent innovative approaches and best practices with the goal of making transformational changes to the educational process.


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K Latino Summit Workshop 1
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The Latinx Research Center (LRC) builds on a long history of expertise on issues of Latinx education and well-being across Santa Clara University’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology. Our goals are to demonstrate and deepen our ongoing commitment to serve the Latinx communities of Silicon Valley, California, and the United States. Furthermore, our mission is to develop LRC into an intellectual “hub” for faculty and students in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology as well as to other schools and colleges at Santa Clara University. Although the explicit focus in the name of the center will be education, we mean education in its broadest sense, and with the ultimate eye of supporting human flourishing and well-being. Lastly, we aim to bring faculty and students as well as our external partners together to build a network sharing common research interests and a shared commitment to ensuring the well-being of the Latinx community in our region, across California, and beyond.