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Admission Requirements for Specific Programs

The Application Process

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Tuition & fees 

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Application Deadlines

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The Admissions Process

  1. Create an online application.
  2. Complete your Statement of Purpose Essay.  Statement of Purpose essay prompts (see below) vary by program.  International students should review additional information for international students.
  3. Submit a current resume.
  4. Provide one copy of official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, showing a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA and any conferred degrees.  A completed Bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement to be eligible to apply.  Transcripts should be sent to (preferred) or mail to Santa Clara University, Attention ECP Graduate Admissions, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053. 
  5. Provide letters of recommendation (see below - two for Education programs, three for Counseling Psychology programs)
  6. Complete additional program specific requirements as necessary (see below).
  7. Submit $50 application fee

    Your statement of purpose must be a clear and legible draft focusing on the specific guidelines of the program and the chosen emphasis you are applying for at the School of Education and Counseling Psychology. Your statement must include evidence of your commitment to Social Justice, Multiculturalism and Diversity. Please limit your statement to two pages – typed and double-spaced. You must not receive any assistance writing or editing the personal statement; it must be your own original work.

    Statement of Purpose Topics

    MA in Counseling Psychology

    Explain your reasons for entering the mental health profession, highlight related experiences, and any unique reasons for selecting Santa Clara University. Please provide all relevant background information about the context of the specific work you have done, as well as a description of the aspects of the work you find most engaging and/or meaningful.

    Teacher Education 

    Recall an experience you had working with children or youth in a formal, organized setting in the United States within the past 3 years. Provide a description of the experience (e.g., context, students, program, grade) and explain what aspects of this experience you found most engaging and/or meaningful. Additionally explain how this experience aligns with the mission of the department of education " prepare professionals of competence, conscience, and compassion who will promote the common good as they transform lives, schools, and communities."

    Catholic School Teacher Education

    1) For applicants with no prior Catholic school teaching experience: Please compose a statement focused on your reasons for becoming a Catholic schoolteacher and your experiences that have prepared you for a Catholic school teaching career (especially your work with children or youth). Conclude by discussing the connections between your reasons for becoming a Catholic schoolteacher, your experiences that prepared you for this career, and your goals as a learner in Santa Clara University’s preliminary teaching credential program.

    2) For applicants who have already been working as Catholic school teachers (including teachers pursuing the preliminary credential via the Abbreviated Route): Please compose a statement focused on your recent Catholic school teaching experiences. Please be sure to include: Relevant background information about the context and the specific work you do there. Description of the aspects of the experience you find most engaging and/or meaningful. Thoughtful discussion of the impact of your work experiences on your personal and professional learning goals for the teaching credential program.

    Educational Leadership

    1) (If applying to the program WITHOUT the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential option): Explain how your personal and/or academic experiences have contributed to your desire to pursue an M.A. in Educational Leadership at SCU. Describe how your personal and professional goals align with the program and what you hope to gain as a result of completing this degree.

    2) (If applying to the program WITH the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential option)" Please write a statement focused on your recent experiences as a teacher, school counselor or as another certificated position in a school or district office, including :

    Relevant background information about the context and the specific work you do.  A description of the aspects of the work you find most engaging and/or meaningful A thoughtful discussion of the impact of your experiences on your personal and professional learning goals for the administrative services credential program or the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership degree program.

    Letters of recommendation should be from individuals who have served in supervisory or evaluative roles with you.  This may include professors, instructors, managers, job supervisors, clinical supervisors, volunteer coordinators, supervisors of volunteer work, or similar.  Letters of recommendation should not be from personal friends, family members, or personal therapists. We realize that letters from such individuals may not be possible for some applicants.  If you will be requesting a letter from someone that does not fit these guidelines, please briefly explain why; the expectation is that the people writing letters for you should still be able to comment on your professional capacity as a practitioner.

    Teacher Education

    1) Minimum of 30 hours working with groups of youth

    Applicants must demonstrate possession of recent (within the past 3 years), formal paid or unpaid experience working with groups of children or youth of the same age range as their intended area of teaching (5-14 for multiple subject, 12-18 for single subject). The following activities will NOT satisfy the expectations for admission to the MATTC program: Teaching music, art, or dance lessons (unless you intend to pursue a K-12 music, art, or physical education teaching credential); Working as a babysitter, nanny, or daycare provider; Working with your own children, their friends, or members of your family; Providing one­-on-­one tutoring in any academic or non­academic subject area.

    2) Basic Skills and Subject-Matter Competence Requirements

    Individuals applying for the MATTC program are encouraged to submit passing CBEST and CSET (multiple-subject or single-subject) scores, or evidence of the equivalent*, with their application. If scores are not available at the time of application, exam registration dates should be provided. Passing scores must be submitted as soon as available.

    SUMMER ADMITS 2024 scores received by April 1, 2024, will be considered “on time” and applicants who are admitted to the program will be placed into their student teaching classroom on a first-come, first-serve basis. All scores received after April 1, 2024 will be subject to classroom placement availability.

    Note: for 2024-25 academic year summer admits, the basic skills and subject matter competence deadline is April 1, 2024. Going forward for all candidates, regardless of admissions term, the deadline to demonstrate basic skills and subject matter competence will be January 2 of the year candidates will begin student teaching.

    Individuals applying for the 2-year Intern pathway must submit passing CBEST and CSET (multiple-subject or single-subject) scores, or evidence of the equivalent, to be eligible to petition for the intern pathway. See MATTC Intern page for more information.

    *California provides guidance on evidence to demonstrate basic skills and subject matter competence. Credential candidates can demonstrate subject matter competence in one of five ways:

    1. Pass all subtests of the CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers) exam. 
    2. Provide documentation of completion of a CTC-approved subject matter waiver program or coursework in content areas.
    3. Successful completion of coursework at one or more regionally accredited institutions of higher education that addresses each of the domains of the subject matter requirements.
    4. Successful completion of a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with the following, as applicable:
      • For single subject credentials, a major in one of the subject areas in which the commission credentials candidates.
      • For multiple subject credentials, a liberal studies major or other degree that includes coursework in the content areas.
    5. A combination of the methods above to meet all domains of the subject matter requirements.
    3) Coursework Requirements

    The pre-service MATTC pathway requires multiple subject candidates to complete 59 quarters units of coursework and single subject candidates to complete 53 units of coursework. For description of coursework see MATTC Course Descriptions site.

    4) Program Completion Requirements

    Candidates must successfully complete all coursework and meet all requirements for petitioning for a preliminary teaching credential.

    Teacher Education with Bilingual Authorization (BMATTC)

    1) Program Requirements

    Individuals interested in pursuing a Bilingual Authorization - Spanish must pass the CSET LOTE 3 (Spanish) exam prior to starting their BMATTC courses. BMATTC Pre-Service candidates who do not pass the CSET LOTE 3 (Spanish) exam before the start of their first quarter are still eligible to join the MATTC program. These candidates may add the Bilingual Authorization - Spanish at a later time once they have passed the CSET LOTE 3 (Spanish) exam.

    CSET LOTE 3 (Spanish) test scores may be uploaded in PDF format through the online application portal. CSET LOTE 3 (Spanish) test scores may also be emailed in PDF format to the ECP Admissions office at

    2) Coursework

    The Pre-Service BMATTC pathway requires that candidates complete the MATTC course load plus three additional courses designed specifically for BMATTC candidates. BMATTC courses are taught in Spanish.

    Catholic Masters Program (CatMAT)

    Please complete the CatMAT Administrator Form in its entirety, arrange for your principal to complete and sign the form and send it to the Admissions Office by email to

    Educational Leadership with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

    1) Program Requirements
    • Proof of valid California Teaching Credential, cleared prior to completing the Educational Leadership program
    • Employment verification letter written on official letterhead and signed by employer
    • Passing CBEST score or evidence of the equivalent with application
    2) Graduation Requirements
    • Candidates must complete a petition for the credential
    • A Program degree plan
    • Certify 5 years of teaching experience
    • Submit a copy of a valid teaching credential
    • Santa Clara University transcript

    Clear Administrative Services Credential Program (CASC)

    1) Admission Requirements
    • Proof of the applicants valid California Preliminary Administrative Credential
    • Proof of certified employment as a school administrator
    2) Graduation Requirements
    • Candidates must complete the accredited program at Santa Clara University
    • Have 2 years of certified administrative experience
    • Hold a valid California Preliminary Administrative Credential 

    Tuition & Fees


    Program Tuition/Unit
    Counseling Psychology programs (all) $726
    Education Leadership Programs (MA) $726
    Teacher Education Programs (MA) $726
    Doctorate of Education (EdD) $726
    ExCEL Program (per year) $14,500
    Student Association Fees (per quarter) $50

    See the bursar's office for a full list of tuition & fees for graduate students.


    Admissions Deadlines


    Program Summer 2024 Fall 2024 Winter 2025 Spring 2025
    Counseling Psychology Programs (all)     October 1  
    Teacher Education Program (MATTC) - In-person/hybrid

    Currently accepting applications

    Currently accepting applications

    October 1


    Teacher Education Program (MATTC) - Online  

    Priority: May 15, 2024

    Final: July 15, 2024



    Nov. 15, 2024

    Catholic Teacher Education (CatMAT) - In-person/hybrid  Currently accepting applications      
    Catholic Teacher Education (CatMAT) - Online Currently accepting applications      
    Teacher Education - ExCEL Program Currently accepting applications      
    Education Leadership (MA)

    Currently accepting applications

    Currently accepting applications 



    Doctor of  Education (EdD)        


    Applications may be accepted after the final deadline, as space permits.


    • Decisions will typically be released within a month after the indicated application review deadline.
    • If applying for the ExCEL program, please indicate your interest in the ExCEL program in your online application.
    • Questions? Please contact Admissions Office for more details.