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COVID-19 Updates

Latest COVID-19 Information for the School of Education & Counseling Psychology

This site lists information specific to the School of Education & Counseling Psychology. 

FALL INSTRUCTION UPDATE - Fall 2020 instruction for the School of Education and Counseling Psychology will be conducted remotely.   

Fall 2020 Instruction Message - Dean Zirkel

Fall 2020 Instruction Message - Dean Zirkel

While our campus is closed, please reach out to us for help!

Future Students

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Current Students

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Counseling Psychology

Administrative Assistant - Jennifer Montalvo

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Administrative Assistant - Teresa Wagner

California CTC COVID19 Update page

Admissions Support to Applicants

Please know that we are understanding of the current situation and that many things are out of your control. No worries, we are all experiencing the same uncertainty. Rest assured that we will be understanding and will be available to continue answering any questions you have along the way. Feel free to email directly with any questions. We are also happy to set up a Zoom meeting if you would like to speak with a Graduate Admissions representative. 


Admissions Deadlines

All admissions deadlines remain as posted on our website

We are here to support your application process. Should you need additional support with your application or to request an extension on your application, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office via email at


Submitting Transcripts

To support your efforts to complete your application, our office will be accepting unofficial copies of application materials (e.g., transcripts). These copies will be acceptable for admission review purposes and will aid in moving your application forward for review. If you would like to submit these materials to our office, please email them to Due to the Shelter in Place, our staff is working remotely and not available to receive your transcripts via postal mail. If you have already requested your transcripts via postal mail, please send us the unofficial transcripts via email.  Transcripts are required in order to move your application in the review process.  A reminder, we do require official, degree-conferred transcripts should you be admitted into our programs. 


MATTC - Testing Requirements

We recognize the current challenges to completing your CBEST/CSET requirements.  At this point, we do not have a definitive deadline for submitting these testing requirements. We are waiting to hear more from the CTC and any updates they may be providing to institutions and applicants. In the meantime, please take this time to diligently study for your exams, especially the single subject exams. We will be sure to send out any updates on these deadlines. 

Please continue with your admissions application while we wait to hear on updates to the timeline for  testing. You still have time to submit your application for the final deadline of April 15th. We will work with all our applicants as new information is provided regarding testing. If you should require additional time to submit your remaining application materials, our team will be more than happy to discuss your situation individually. We are committed to working with you to ensure you have the opportunity to be considered for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 term.


International Applicants

Please review the specific requirements for our International Applicants at 

We understand there are current challenges in requesting transcript evaluations and completing testing for English proficiency. 

The Graduate Admissions Office is diligently working to find support systems to help you complete your application with these additional requirements. Please send us your questions regarding these requirements to and we will follow up regarding updates or additional information, 


Online Course Format Due to Shelter in Place

The School of Education and Counseling Psychology prides itself in the engaged teaching and learning that happens in our in person, small class size model. Due to the recent Shelter in Place order, we are following orders and moving our instruction to an online format. 

Nothing takes the place of sitting in class with your instructor and engaging in dialogue with your peers. Our remote learningl model will keep this same spirit. Our faculty are fast at work ensuring they keep the same spirit by transitioning into Zoom meetings for our virtual classes. Rest assured, you will still have the same quality instruction and same opportunities to dive into the academic course content and meet with your peers. 

We know this is what is happening across the nation, and ask for your patience as we all move into this Zoom format. 


Tuition reduction due to online format

Tuition rates will remain the same during this online format model. The online format will still include real-time faculty instruction with an engaged curriculum that will involve peer discussion groups. 


Summer and Fall Courses

We are following the leadership of Fr. Kevin O’Brien, President of Santa Clara University. Summer and Fall instruction will be conducted remotely. 


Teacher Education FAQs

  • What effect does this have on my credential requirements?
    • California Teaching Performance Assessment FAQ
      • Are students still required to complete the Cal TPA?

        • Completion of all CalTPAs is required by law (Education Code Section 44259) for all Multiple Subject and Single Subject teacher candidates before they can be recommended for a preliminary teaching credential by Santa Clara University to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

          As of April 13, 2020, there have been no changes regarding this requirement from CTC.
      • What is the date by which I need to complete TPA 1 and TPA 2 in order to be recommended for a credential?

        • TPA 1 and TPA 2 are required to be passed in order to petition for your credential recommendation from Santa Clara University along with the following credential requirements: US Constitution; Infant, Child, Adult CPR;  Health Education; and RICA (only for Multiple Subject Candidates). Spring grades must be posted on your SCU transcript before you petition for the credential. There is no due date to petition for the credential. Please note that there is a minimum 10-day turnaround for all credential recommendations by SCU to the CTC. If you need additional time, you may submit passing scores later in the summer. All credential requirements have been outlined in the Canvas course and can be found on our credential webpage.

      • Can I complete my TPA in an online setting? If so, are the requirements for the TPA submission the same?

        • Yes, you can complete your TPAs in an online setting.  The requirements for the TPA submission are the same. Your CalTPA must meet the requirements specified in the CalTPA assessment guide.
      • What can I do if the district where I student teach does not allow me to video record, which I need to submit my TPA?

        • If you can, voice record your lesson.  However, you need to document why you were not allowed to video and make it clear to the reader that the lesson(s) was the same as if you were able to see the students.  You still need to submit the other required documents; such as the rubrics and the student self-assessments.
      • Who do I talk to if I did not pass TPA 1 or TPA 2?
        • If you do not pass, you should contact the CalTPA director, Bob Michels at

We are currently reaching out to the CTC for guidance on any changes related to credential requirements.  We will update you when we receive any information.  Please also review the CTC site for updates.

Education Leadership FAQs 

  • What effect does this have on my CALAPA requirements? 

We are currently reaching out to the CTC for guidance on any changes related to requirements.  We will update you when we receive any information.  Please also review the CTC site for updates.

Counseling Psychology FAQs

BBS Site

  • How does this affect the BBS Practicum hours?

Some of you have shared concerns about reaching your BBS required Practicum hours as your sites are closing or reducing hours. I want to assure you we are here to support you. Please remember the following as it may provide some clarity. 

*For the MFT track, the BBS regulation is that you provide 225 hours of face to face direct clinical care and of the 225 hours 75 can be Client Centered Advocacy.   As you all know by now as you are starting your third quarter of Practicum that this service is much easier to provide as it can be done in a variety of ways and does not require your client to be present.  

 *The BBS released a memo in response to COVID-19 allowing trainees to collect Telehealth hours. This allows you during this time to accrue face to face hours via Telehealth. Please work with your sites to see if this is an option. SCU is in support and approves of this change.  As the BBS requires this option to be coordinated and approved through your university and site it will be noted on your SCU Fieldwork Agreement document. 

*For those that are on the LPCC track and needing 280 face to face hours or on the MFT track and still believe you will not collect the BBS required Practicum face to face hours, then we can individually explore the best options for you.  An example includes receiving an Incomplete for the third 333 Practicum quarter and completing the hours during the summer months.  

*As you have heard by now or experienced, we will complete our spring quarter 333 classes remotely using Zoom. Most of you had your last 333 class this past week in Zoom. Again, thank you for your adaptability. Please note that even if your site closes you will want to continue in the final 333 quarter class. Please make sure you are registered for your class and ready to start in Zoom. You can contact your individual 333 instructors for information about your specific section and Zoom coordination. 

Please know that we will continue to stay in contact with the BBS and advocate for flexibility with the state regulations that mandate the Practicum hours requirements across the State.   Should you want to connect please send an email to Jean Riney-Niewiadomski (jrineyniewiadomski@scu.eduto coordinate a time to discuss remotely.