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The MALLI Project


Project MALLI offers an innovative approach to preparing bilingual pre-service (B-PSTs) and Bilingual Cooperating Teachers (B-CTs) to build language and literacy across languages of instruction with Kindergarten-5th grade Emergent Bilingual Learners (EBLs) in mathematics. Math offers an authentic context to acquire the academic register that often eludes EBLs.). To further optimize language and math learning for EBLs in and out of the classroom, parents are also provided with professional learning opportunities in developing math knowledge and language development at home.

In this site you will find material to engage parents in mathematics workshops, engage bilingual learners in learning mathematics in Spanish and English, and models to support teacher learning about integrating language, literacy, and mathematics.

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"MALLI has allowed us to increase the number of bilingual educators in the states of California and Texas. This has helped us bring the most effective educational program (Bilingual Education) to Emergent Bilingual Learners and prepare them to be college and career ready."

Marco Bravo, Principal Investigator
How much we have completed?
The Mathematics and Language, Literacy Integration (MALLI) in Dual Language Settings project provides professional development that combines Lesson Study and Video Club to improve mathematical learning and teaching. One goal is to develop and implement a model for bilingual teacher preparation based on effective teaching practices that integrate the teaching of language, literacy and math pedagogy in both languages of instruction and to deliver this model within teacher education math courses and teaching practicum experience.
Cooperating Teachers received Professional Development
Parents provided with Math & Language Workshops
Preservice Teachers attained their Bilingual Authorization
Bilingual K-5th grade students served